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  1. HomelessJoe

    Wildcard Weekend - Other Games

    Clock only stops if you go out of bounds while making forward progress, so no
  2. HomelessJoe

    SUPER Wildcard Weekend Game Patriots @ Bills Gamete Thread - Saturday 8:15 PM

    Bills fans. They're the ones that want a dome.
  3. HomelessJoe

    Week 18 other games.

    This is hilarious.
  4. HomelessJoe

    Antonio Brown's New Gig

    Just like how he showed proof of vaccination :coffee:
  5. HomelessJoe

    Looking at the Patriots - 2021

    Madden's final broadcast was Steelers vs Cardinals Superbowl 43
  6. HomelessJoe

    We're on to Buffalo: Gamete Thread

    And that's the glass half empty:ROFLMAO:
  7. HomelessJoe

    We're on to Buffalo: Gamete Thread

    Glass half full: This team plays better on the road, they''ll do better as a wild card
  8. HomelessJoe

    Week 13 Gamete Thread - @Bills, Mon Dec 6th, 8:15pm EST

    Time off the clock + another wasted timeout
  9. HomelessJoe

    Week 8 Other Games

    Disagree - you cant advance a muffed punt, and he still wanted to down the ball before it went in the endzone since it wasn't clear if Moore touched it on the live play.
  10. HomelessJoe

    We're on to Houstan: Gamete Thread

    Brandon "Eephus" Bolden
  11. HomelessJoe

    What the Hell ?????

  12. HomelessJoe

    We're on to Tampa Bay: Game Thread - Buccaneers @ Patriots - Sun. Oct 3rd 8:20 PM (NBC)

    Hate the decision to kick it there. Even if you make it you give the Bucs/Brady a minute to drive down for the game-winning FG. Had to go for it on 4th down to run more clock and get a shorter FG