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    Random Football News 2022

    The Giants today announced that Schoen will head their football operations. He has spent the last five seasons as the Buffalo Bills' assistant general manager. The brain drain has begun View:
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    Patriots Offseason 2022

    Last year was about spending money to get better. This year will be about culling poor values and adding players with good value as replacements. Some things to do ASAP First order of business is to reach an agreement with Nick Folk. He's been money all year. Actual signing can come a...
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    Black Monday - version 2021

    Black Monday is coming up & 8-10 teams are expected to be looking for HCs. Breer talks about the teams here. The Broncos already let Vic Fangio go after their loss yesterday to KC. Game management did him in but he's a very good DC...
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    RIP Betty White At 99

    One of the greats. RIP and condolences
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    RIP Stephen Sondheim

    One of the most celebrated figures for his music and song writing for theater from the 50's through the 90's. RIP Mr. Sondheim. You will be missed. West Side Story, Gypsy, Company, Sweeney Todd...
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    The Bills New Stadium Is Ridiculously Expensive

    Can it be done? It doesn't look good. The Pegulas have said they'll pay for a portion of the $1.4B stadium costs but haven't committed an amount. How will anyone - the state or the Pegulas - justify paying for it when it's only bringing in $27M/year in revenue? View...
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    And People Say Belichick Isn't Funny!

    From the Athletic. My fav is Izzo getting a game ball for... By Rustin Dodd, Matthew Fairburn and Jayson Jenks Bill Belichick has been called many things during his 22 seasons as the Patriots coach: a genius, a grouch, the GOAT. But funny? Just wait until you read the stories from 15 of his...
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    Week 8 Gamete Thread - Chargers

    View: Old standby Ian Eagle. I like Charles Davis though. I'll have to study up on the Chargers bc I really haven't watched them at all this year.
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    Watson to the Dolphins?

    John McClain, long time beat writer for the Texans, says it may happen this week. It's a...
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    Week 7 Gamete Thread - JETE

    We need this one. View:
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    The NFL Draft, 2022

    The 2022 draft will have at least 35% more college players than last year's COVID-reduced draft. A 4th round player in 2022 may be every bit as good a prospect as a 3rd round player in 2021. To get familiar with some names, here are some college players I'm looking at in the top of the draft...
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    Wilfork, Seymour and Bruschi Among The 2022 HOF Nominees

    and 18 other former Patriots View:
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    Mac Jones Is Our QB1

    This may be a little premature but it's PFF's call not mine. Those of us who beat the drums for Mac Jones pre-draft are to be congratulated for seeing through the arguments against him. The talent and coaching at Bama made it tough but Mac made the throws on his own. I'm pretty sure we got...
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    Preseason Game 2 - Pats vs Eagles Aug. 19, Thurs. 7:30PM

    This may be the game that allows BB to decide on the starting QB. The Eagles D is good. This should be a good test for our offense. View: View:
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    Richard Sherman

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    It's Better to Be Feared: The New England Patriots Dynasty and the Pursuit of Greatness

    Over two unbelievable decades, the New England Patriots were not only the NFL’s most dominant team, but also—and by far—the most secretive. How did they achieve and sustain greatness—and what were the costs? In It's Better to Be Feared, Seth Wickersham, one of the country’s finest long form and...
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    Things Scar Learned Along The Way

    Scar teaches us things about the Patriot Way, why it works and how to teach & motivate people. In one of them he talks about the pitfalls of violating the chain of command for coaches, players and owners. Learned a lot about BB, Parcells & football from Scar...
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    N'Keal Harry Wants To Be Traded

    His agent has requested a trade and the Pats have obliged. (Actually this isn't new as it was discussed right after Agholor and Bourne were signed) I'm ecstatic he won't be taking a valuable roster spot this year. He wouldn't have made the team anyway. This is from his agent.
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    Random Football News, 2021

    THE 2022 DRAFT CLASS This has been a really weird year in so many different ways—and a little bit of that weirdness is going to spill into the 2022 draft cycle. Each year, National Football Scouting, one of two services used by NFL teams, releases its draft grades for the following April’s...
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    Enjoy Memorial Day

    By remembering our fallen heroes. "The land of the free because of the brave."