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  1. Oswlek

    Randon Post-Draft Musings

    Hey All! I'm still unsure about how much I'll follow the team, but I have collected a batch of semi-lucid ramblings and have no friends to share them with.... so lucky you! WTF? :suicide: * It was refreshing to see that Patriots fans are as misguidedly belligerent as they were a when I...
  2. Oswlek

    Jet #2 Post-game thread

    NE deserved to lose, after looking like a high school team for the entire third quarter. But I have no interest in an NFL product that can be decided in that manner. I'm sure this self-impose ban will end at some point, but for now, I'm out.
  3. Oswlek

    Nice breakdown of KT's Jet game

    Thought it deserved its own thread. Well worth the 20 minutes.
  4. Oswlek

    A Little Lipstick for that Pig

    Before I begin please allow me to offer a humble apology for the grief I’ve given a few posters who were particularly down on the receivers. That was the worst single game performance I’ve seen out of a Patriot WR corps in my lifetime. Simply dreadful. Maybe the 2006 crew would have looked as...
  5. Oswlek

    Music and memories

    Just passing along this new song set to a vid of my kiddies. Hopefully it'll make someone smile. :) <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Oswlek

    Post-Cut Roster

    At least as it is now, according to reports. Discuss. QB(2) : Tom Brady, Ryan Mallet RB(5): Steven Ridley, Shane Vereen, Leon Washington, Lagarette Blount, Brandon Bolden FB(1): James Develin TE(3): Rob Gronkowski, Zach Sudfeld, Michael Hoomanawanui WR(6): Danny Amendola, Kenbrell...
  7. Oswlek

    NFL: Bad lip reading

    Just watch. You will laugh, especially at the Petey ones. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Oswlek

    MD, Tommy and Lisa

    Whether Baltimore pulls this one out or not, I was clearly wrong and you were right. Again. Mea Culpa.
  9. Oswlek

    Pole: Manning receivers

    I got into a surprisingly heated discussion with a buddy yesterday about Manning's success in Denver and how good the new receiving weapons are. Since we have some Indy fans here, as well as Pats fans who probably watched a lot of Colt games, I'm hoping you can help me settle our debate. How...
  10. Oswlek

    Week 16 other games

    Cincy was set up for an easy drive to win by a Pitt FG miss, and they run two idiotic plays after getting a 9 yard gain on first down. You haven't been able to run all game, and you think that's suddenly going to change right then and there? A Big Ben pick might bail them out, but I doubt...
  11. Oswlek

    Streaming TV?

    I would have sworn I've seen a thread on this subject in the past but can't seem to dig it up. Does anyone know of some sites where you can stream TV shows? I'm not talking about Hulu or the network sites, I'm talking about one where they have archived programs that aren't up for a limited...
  12. Oswlek

    Settling Debts

    By now I've exposed myself as being overly analytic to anyone who's been on this board for more than a week and a half. And when I don that cap, I have to admit that it is hard for me to see the Patriots being any more than a 50/50 bet to take down the Giants on Sunday. Despite this, I've...
  13. Oswlek

    Another Raven Thread with Gobs of Numbers

    I'm at my longwinded finest in this thread, so things will be broken up in three posts. A few years back, I used to determine the "true" point values for playoff teams on offense and defense, and then compare the opponents. 2007 was pretty obvious and CHFF stole my schtick afterward, so I...
  14. Oswlek

    Divisional Round Thoughts

    Just thought I'd post a bunch of stuff about this weekend in one thread. * This weeked was a win for the "defense wins championships" crowd. Three unstoppable offense led by unflappable quarterbacks with uncoverable receiving weapons, and only one remains. Either GB or NO wouldn't have...
  15. Oswlek

    Expectations for the Denver game

    I thought about putting this in one of the longer threads, but decided it might get buried under an avalanche of other good information. I also considered Den-in-NH's prediction thread, but felt it wasn't quite germaine. Mods may certainly merge if they feel that it should have been in either...
  16. Oswlek

    Wildcard Weekend Thoughts

    Here is a smattering of semi-lucid thoughts after 16 hours of football this weekend. * As :mad: as I'll be if the Tebow-train runs into and over Foxboro next Saturday, I would have been almost unhealthily furious had Pittsburgh taken the Patriots out. They had no business whatsoever even...
  17. Oswlek

    Miami Christmas Thoughts

    I hope everyone enjoyed themselves this Christmas weekend. I feel like any other time of the year this game would have struck a chord in the fanbase, but our attention seems to have been elsewhere. (hopefully a lot of this :hug: :toast: and maybe even a little of this :bhump:) I've been...
  18. Oswlek

    Redskin Postgame Thoughts

    Don't see one specifically for it, so.... * The defensive effort was pitiful, putrid, pathetic (and those or just the "P" words) but I haven't heard a single person point out a critical piece of information - that Shanahan is BB's kryptonite even when the defense is good. Does anybody...
  19. Oswlek

    The Drive

    One day it will go down in history alongside comparably majestic feats on the grid iron, moments like Tom Brady eschewing John Madden's advice to take a knee in SB 36, Montana's roll and Clark's fingertip catch to finally get past the Cowboys and Kordell Stewart throwing a listless Pittsburgh...
  20. Oswlek

    Thanksgiving Games Thread

    Neither team looks great right now. Probably the most impressive play I've seen so far is an incompletion that Rodgers threw perfectly with a man in his face on the first drive. GB's defense is lousy, all that seperates them from a 10-0 deficit is Stafford spraying passes like a drunk at the...