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    Pet Peeve(s)

    I have a lot of pet peeves. One of the biggest is cliches. "Defense wins championships." - you never hear this after the Super Bowl is a shoot-out, but if the game a year after is a low-scoring affair, this old chestnut gets repeated as if it's some piece of forgotten lore that only the...
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    The Hats off to Tom Brady thread

    I agree with you about the portents - I think we've seen the high-water mark for this edition of the Chiefs. And as bad as that game was for Mahomes, it was worse for Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy. Unable/unwilling to make adjustments on the biggest stage is no way to burnish a reputation. And...
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    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Song: Carnival Artist: Natalie Merchant Some nice lead guitar work by Jennifer Turner on this one.
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    The 2021 Draft- We Need This One

    I recently watched a YouTube video where Steve Mariucci was talking about the 2000 draft, and why the 49ers picked Carmazzi in the third round (and didn't pick Brady). According to Mariucci, Carmazzi checked all the boxes as far as what they were looking for. However, it turned out that the...
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    Random Football News

    Bill Belichick and Andy Reid are active coaches in the NFL, and both are destined to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after they retire. Curiously, they both already have displays associated with them in the HOF. For Belichick, it's a defensive game plan...
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    The Classical Music Thread

    Thanks for that - it's new music for me.
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    Rebuilding The Patriots For 2021 And Beyond

    I like Van Noy too. I think his athletic ability is NFL-average for his position, but when he was here the coaching staff was able to put him in position to be a play maker on D. He had a very nice game in the Super Bowl against the LA Rams. He'll be 30 when next season starts - he probably...
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    The Hats off to Tom Brady thread

    Another fun fact: Brady and his team beat the teams of three Super Bowl MVPs in a row during this years playoffs: Brees, Rodgers, and Mahomes.
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    The Stupid is as Stupid Does Thread

    When our kids were born, we went with cloth, although many of our friends chose disposables. We're talking about diapers here, right?
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    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Song: Ball Of Confusion Artist: The Temptations
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    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Song: Eve Of Destruction Artist: Barry McGuire
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    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Song: Ohio Artist: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
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    The STEM thread

    I didn't read the book, but I saw the movie Hidden Figures. I do a little bit of orbital dynamics in my own work; I can't imagine trying to do those calculations by hand, with astronauts' lives dependent on having the results be correct. People like Mary Jackson are the ones who should be...
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    The Hats off to Tom Brady thread

    If one of the Mannings were tied with Brady with championships, and roughly equivalent in regular season and playoff statistics, then head-to-head in the playoffs could and should be cited as a possible tie breaking argument in GOAT discussions.
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    The Hats off to Tom Brady thread

    I agree with your analysis citing the injury and longevity factors. I also left out a few other benchmarks that Mahomes would have to match or exceed to get into the GOAT conversation: winning multiple Super Bowls after age 40 changing conferences and winning a Super Bowl in the first year...
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    The Hats off to Tom Brady thread

    Brady vs. Mahomes - The Results Are In After Super Bowl LV, the conclusion is now obvious. Patrick Mahomes is almost certainly not going to catch Tom Brady and become the GOAT QB of the NFL. Mahomes will still have to win six more Super Bowl championships to equal Brady’s total. Mahomes will...
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    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    I was hoping for a joke at the end of your post - but I'm not disappointed, it's an excellent contribution, BT. Thank you for providing that glimpse into your background. Liberal arts at the college level can be a great way to prepare a person for lifelong learning. Of course, you don't...
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    The Hats off to Tom Brady thread