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  1. BostonTim

    Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

    Good idea! But do try not to punch someone. ROFL Cheers
  2. BostonTim

    Happy Birthday, Peachhead and PatriotInIndy!

    Belated wishes to you both. Hope it to have been special and fun.
  3. BostonTim

    Shaggy (Trevor Lawrence) Watch

    Oh yeah! I Remember the Titans Cheers
  4. BostonTim

    Teh Official Joolz "Word Association Thread"

    Vienna Boys Choir
  5. BostonTim

    Poll: Who will win the Presidential election in 2020?

    JMO Not voting for trump, IS voting for Biden. Cheers
  6. BostonTim

    Random Thoughts

    A truly Random thought: I can't wait to see another Medicare advantage plan advertisement! :dbanana:
  7. BostonTim

    Who makes the best pizza?

    IMHO. with regard to pizza, crust is nearly everuthing. Not drawn to calzones but I have had and enjoyed both good and bad,
  8. BostonTim

    Week 7, 49ers at Patriots

    An Ordinary Pats fan could be thinking of moving to Tampa. But I am in on this thru my last day on earth . A real suck fest, but go Pats! Cheers, :toast:
  9. BostonTim

    Happy Birthday, TylerD!

    Happy day! :toast: Cheerd
  10. BostonTim

    Happy Birthday, Dwight Schrute!

    All the best., Dwight. Hope it has been a memorable day. Cheers. :toast:
  11. BostonTim

    Week 7, Other games

    All I remember is that time when he didn't fall down.
  12. BostonTim

    Random Football News

    Tom explained how it works. Cheers
  13. BostonTim


    Thanks all
  14. BostonTim


    Any thoughts on it? I try to get some guidance before hitting go. TIA Cheers