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  1. johnJoseph

    Jets v. Pats game thread: 12/16/07

    Eugine Wilson is havin a heck of day. A pick and a fumble recovery.
  2. johnJoseph

    Jets v. Pats game thread: 12/16/07

    washington looking good:)
  3. johnJoseph

    Jets v. Pats game thread: 12/16/07

    way to go hanson
  4. johnJoseph

    Pats fans, give me some reasons to hate the Cleveland Browns

    The browns are one of the worst teams in football, even though they beat the bengals.
  5. johnJoseph

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    Yo guys I know you all remember me. :wave:
  6. johnJoseph

    Standing Room Tickets

    I have never been to a patriots game before and I am going to go to one this season. Are standing room tickets good or do they just plain suck? Also, what are good deals for tickets. I have been looking on ebay for chargers vs pats tickets for 500. If you guys could answer my questions that...
  7. johnJoseph

    Asante Talking About A Trade

    I got his jersey the day he got a franchise tag put on him which sucks...alot. I hope he doesnt leave the pats but im guessin hes gunna.
  8. johnJoseph

    Pats v Colts Game Thread.

  9. johnJoseph

    When/Why did you become a Patriots fan

    I first became a patriots fan just recently. I think it was week 3 or something like that when they faced the broncos and I started watching patriot games. That and also my friends were on a junior high football team and I would play football everyday at the park near my house after school. And...
  10. johnJoseph

    pats fans this is a must see

    Hes got a nice watch, that counts.
  11. johnJoseph

    One positive about losing to the Colts

    I wonder what LT would've said if the chargers won the game.....