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  1. crawhammer

    Bill Belichick's Greatest (s)Hits

    #1 February 4, 2018 Super Bowl 52 Malcolm Butler Benching Result: LOST the GOD DAMN Super Bowl is all!!!!! Easily the most irretrievably stupid decision made by any head coach in the history of professional sports. Butler only played 98% of defensive snaps for the ENTIRE season. Yet 0% in the...
  2. crawhammer

    The state of the Bucs post-Brady

    Brady's retiring. Gronk is next so back to Brate and Howard (who's a FA). Godwin is probably signing elsewhere unless they franchise tag him. Fournette, Jones II and Bernard are all FA's. Other Tampa Bay FA's: Jensen C JPP DE Gholston DE Suh DT Davis CB Whitehead S Even Blaine Gabbert is a FA...
  3. crawhammer

    Mac Jone- compare him to any and all QB(the good, the bad and the ugly)

    What's your problem? Your mean-spiritedness is pretty off-putting. FYI.
  4. crawhammer

    How does Mac Jones compare with other QB's?

    Ja'Marr Chase was the best rookie in the NFL this season. In terms of individual production, impact on team's win/losses, and future potential, Chase is way ahead of all other rookies on offense. Micah Parsons similarly on defense. Statistically Mac Jones had a better year than all other rookie...
  5. crawhammer

    All moved posts from the Mac Jones Is Our QB1 thread

    It's relevant that's why. Jones is up for Offensive ROY so naturally one might mention another obvious contender for the award. What's your goal here? Incessant adoration. Celebratory comments only.