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  1. jayShomp


    Longest week ever!!!!! Last shift for the week just finished and have 2 Guinness' in me already :Party: I haven't been this excited about a game since Super Bowl XXXVI. Say what you want about T-Rex(T=toe), but he's given the rivalry some extra oomph! Embrace the hate! :bang:
  2. jayShomp

    Branch takes a 2011 pay cut

    ....according to the jerk
  3. jayShomp

    Anyone experience DirecTV DVR issues?

    My DVR just performed some sort of update to enable 3D programming and now my remote nor the buttons on the DVR itself work. I've reset it about 10 times. Wanted to know if this is a common problem when I call them
  4. jayShomp heads up

    I know some others here order from there like I do. You will want to check your CC statements if you ordered within the last month or so.
  5. jayShomp


    I give the guy a lot of shit, but after that alley-oop call and execution tonight, he gained a lot of respect. <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  6. jayShomp

    Defenseless receiver call

    I was just curious as to why that defenseless receiver call was made against the Pats when last year's Clark hit on Welker after 2 full steps were taken while the ball was on the ground was not. Is it because he was out stretched for the ball?
  7. jayShomp


    Is there a Dexter thread? If not, there should be! This season is wicked, and Lithgow makes an awesome psycho :insane:
  8. jayShomp

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand

    What, now I have to get Starz? I already have Showtime for Dexter, will need HBO for when The Pacific starts, and I just saw this trailer which looks like a combination of 300 cinematography and Gladiator. I guess the trailer has been out for awhile but it's the first time I've seen it...
  9. jayShomp

    Dirty Sanchez

    Anyone see what Sanchez did during the pick 6? Dove at Vilma's knees during the return, pretty shitty
  10. jayShomp

    The Blind Side (trailer)

    My apologies if this has been posted before. I came across this the other day. It's a new movie coming out about the life of the Ravens' Michael Oher and it looks quite good. I know it won't appeal to some of you that consider anything less than 2 hrs of fighting robots boring, but for the...
  11. jayShomp

    Breaking News - JD Drew....

    ....just dove for a ball, and they're losing 9-0 to boot. He still annoys me though
  12. jayShomp

    Movie - District 9

    Anyone else see this yet or plan on it? Best movie of the Summer so far for me. SciFi movie with good acting and a good story with nice special effects but didn't rely on them. Part of it told as a docudrama which was very well done. I was worried the whole movie was going to be like that...
  13. jayShomp

    OT: Leon Powe to Cavs

    Bummer They think he could be back by the All Star break but I'm guessing that's best case scenario. If he does though and returns to form, with Shaq too, the Cavs are winning it
  14. jayShomp

    Let's go Cowboys!!

    I feel so dirty right now :banghead:
  15. jayShomp

    AD reportedly broken arm

    Just read this at the Herald. Did I miss the thread or is this new(and awful) news?
  16. jayShomp

    2 Fins/Pats tickets for sale

    I have 2 extra tickets selling at face value. Paypal and I can mail them or cash at the game. Section 418 Row 14 Seats 15 and 16 Total: $186 Thanks
  17. jayShomp

    The Bruins look good

    They really do. Winning and looking good doing it. It's been soooo long since I've been excited about them and I finally am again. So have the 1st place Bruins heightened anyone else's interest? I know it's a stretch but how awesome would it be to have all 4 teams win a championship this decade?
  18. jayShomp

    Question about signing bonuses

    I'm in a discussion with a friend and there's one thing we're not clear on. If a player signs a 5 year deal, with a 20 million signing bonus which is prorated evenly over the 5 years, but gets cut after the 1st year, does the remaining 16 million count against the cap for 1 year, over the next...
  19. jayShomp

    Cinco Ocho taken out on a strectcher

    Ocho Cinco taken out on a strectcher Edit: Oops I mean Ocho Cinco!!!! :banghead: I just flipped on the Buf/Cin game and I see CJ getting loaded on a stretcher. :( From the replay it's hard to tell what happened, but it doesn't look like a neck injury. Edit 2:Can a mod fix the title so i...
  20. jayShomp

    OT: If anyone here likes baseball...

    You're missing a great game on TBS. The Rockies/Padres 1 game playoff is tied in the top of the 13th! Edit: As I typed this the Padres just hit a 2 run HR