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  1. Number Cruncher

    H. Ross Perot - R.I.P.

    A great American. And self-made man. If you get the chance, read On Wings Of Eagles by Ken Follett. Like me, you'll probably gain a lot of respect for H. Ross.... R.I.P.
  2. Number Cruncher

    Bill Buckner - R.I.P.

    Rest in Peace, Billy Buck. Rest in Peace.
  3. Number Cruncher

    The Chiefs. When Will They Learn.....? Clark Hunt has a problem. He has an abuse problem. He has a domestic violence problem. He has a culture problem. He has a leadership problem. It's not the Kansas...
  4. Number Cruncher

    Pats might not get the season opening Thursday night game

    Reported that this tradition might take a one year hiatus due to the league turning 100 years old. Complete bullshit if you ask me.... This signature event should be a reward for winning a championship.... Report went on to state it could be that the Pats end up on the ROAD week 1.... not...
  5. Number Cruncher

    Hey Lane Johnson

    #StillHavingFun #StillHere
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    Weird Question

    Okay... this one always confused me... Situation: Opening kickoff (or any kickoff really). The kicker places the tee and gets the kicking ball from an official. The official turns and jogs the 25 or so yards over to the sideline to check for members of the kicking team being offsides at the...
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    Let me try again - R.I.P Matt "Guitar" Murphy

    Rest in peace, Bluesman.
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    R.I.P Malcolm Young

    Unheralded member of a great rock band... Rest in Peace.
  9. Number Cruncher

    Ole Ole Ooooole Ole

    World Cup Soccer coming to a stadium near you. Pretty sure Krafty will be putting some grass down for the event. CAN NOT WAIT.
  10. Number Cruncher

    R.I.P. - Pie McKenzie

    R.I.P. Bruin.
  11. Number Cruncher

    R.I.P - Dwight Clark

    ALS claims another one. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    RIP - Harry Anderson Some great cameos on Cheers too.
  13. Number Cruncher

    This *ssHole is delusional
  14. Number Cruncher

    With All Due Respect

    From this day forward, whenever I am asked a question, I will answer it... pause... and then say... "With All Due Respect"... in the most snarky way imaginable.
  15. Number Cruncher

    Del Rio, we hardly knew ye

    Fired in Oak-town
  16. Number Cruncher

    Don Baylor.... RIP

    To one of my favorite Sox players... King of crowding the plate and taking one for the team... Leader of the Sox Kangaroo court... Huge HR against the Angels, setting the stage for Dave Henderson's heroics.. Rest In Peace
  17. Number Cruncher

    Patriots Ink

    So I am curious if anyone has any "Patriots Ink". Not sure what it is, but I've always wanted a tattoo or two but never was motivated enough to get off my arse and get one. Well, I am 53 and as a a couple of months ago the highest person on the family tree. Not sure if this is a midlife...
  18. Number Cruncher

    Is Denver......

    Wearing their old school helmets? Orange D with the horse inside... Thought that wasn't allowed due to concussion protocol... FVCK YOU ROGER SHITFVCK GOODELL... Bring back Pat Patriots.... (for one game)...
  19. Number Cruncher

    RIP Arnold Palmer

    I'll have a drink to your memory first chance I get. An Arnold Palmer of course. RIP Arnie.
  20. Number Cruncher

    On this, the occasion of my 6,896th post...

    Sorry folks, I just couldn't wait to hit a real milestone....