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  1. Flagg the Wanderer

    Some love for Bucky

    ...because Bucky needs some love.
  2. Flagg the Wanderer

    Sore loser Skynet precursor breaks Russian kid's finger in fit of pique

    ...or something like that. So, looking at the video of this, it actually does look like the robot is trying to stop the kid's riposte. Like a robot version of "I didn't take my...
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    Superbowls ranked from 55 to 1

    View: 21 superb owls were worse than the worst one the Patriots were involved in, against the Bears. The quote from that one was ~"Sure, it was a blowout, but in a fun way!" Patriots involved in #3, #2, and #1. And man, we're in the Superbowl a LOT! Even I was...
  4. Flagg the Wanderer

    Irish pub music

    I'm trying to compile playlists and artists, including different subgenres. Who am I missing? Rumjacks DKMs Flogging Molly Orthodox Celts Dubliners Irish Rovers Dreadnoughts Pogues
  5. Flagg the Wanderer

    Actor killed on the set of Law & Order: Organized Crime

    Name not yet released, but he was just 31 and played a parking enforcement officer on the series. Apparently he was murdered while sitting in a car on the filming location in Brooklyn. So sad, and so many questions... I bet they don't do an episode "ripped from the headlines" on this one.
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    Everyone talks about "sure fire Pro-Bowlers" and every year having picks in the top 5 are going to change your franchise. Fans lose their minds when GMs blow a first rounder. The reality is that 1st rounders are far from a sure thing, and fans need to have some perspective on just how much of...
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    Steeler Bros?

    So the Steelers drafter Connor Hayward to pair with his brother Cam. They also have the Watt brothers, the Edmunds brothers and the Davis brothers on the squad. Just thought that was...I dunno, worth sharing or whatever. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, so that's out. Maybe The...
  8. Flagg the Wanderer

    UDFA Watch

    My quick list: CB Josh Jones, Alabama S Smoke Monday, Auburn WR Isaiah Weston, Northern Iowa NT Marquand McCall, Kentucky LB Aaron Hansford, Texas A&M CB Jermaine Waller, VTech
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    #183 - Kevin Harris, RB, South Carolina

    Another RB? Okay, I'm confused.
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    Most hated villains TV, Film, Literature, etc. (games, I guess)? I started a discussion on this recently. Criteria can be anything you want, I guess, but you have to have a disproportionate hatred for them. Their horribleness could be grand scale or petty. The basis is pure, irredeemable audience...
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    Rd 1, #29 - Cole Strange, IOL, Chattenooga

    Per request of El Jefe Payaso...discuss. Maybe try to keep it civil?
  12. Flagg the Wanderer

    Trade down from 21

    With KC. I wonder who wasn't there?
  13. Flagg the Wanderer

    "Positionless Football"

    So this is a phrase I've heard come up a few times, I think exclusively in the context of the back 7-8 in the defense. Presumably this means a lot of CB/S hybrids, LB/S hybrids, CBs who are strong against the run, coverage backers, and ability to bring pressure from a wide variety of positions...
  14. Flagg the Wanderer

    Targeting: WR

    We have the two general 2022 threads, but I thought we could have specific threads dedicated to specific team needs. Which guys are signed for 2022, at what cap numbers? Which Patriots 2021 players are FAs? If they don't fill the spot well, how can they compensate with scheme or other...
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    What's your GM philosophy?

    Stemming from some of the discussion around the Rams all-out "win-now" moves of trading away so many high picks for a dominant collection of talent for a short window. Let's assume pure talent evaluation (draft, FA, and pro player) is equalized across the league. How do you attain sustainable...
  16. Flagg the Wanderer

    True fan confessions

    What sort of treason or fan negligence have you been hiding in your closet? I have still never seen the Superb Owl loss to the Giants following the 2007 season. I watched most of the first quarter and noted the total lack of fire and desire at the LOS. It was clear the Giants just wanted it...
  17. Flagg the Wanderer

    2022 Offseason

    Just putting this out there as a place to share thoughts, track changes to the situation, and center the discussion. What do people think? If we could bring everyone back, who (or what position groups) would you look to move on from to find an upgrade? Which of our own FAs should we...
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    Official Christian Barmore Discussion Thread

    Fun facts: He was a basketball player, didn't really like football. Was first convinced to play as a HS senior, at 6'2", 290#. Was initially listed as a 2-star prospect. Got his offer from Alabama based on 5 games of film, at which point he had been raised to a 4-star prospect I don't know how...
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    Week 12 other games

    Happy Thanksgiving! The Peugeots vs Da Bears to kick us off, then Pokies and someone, then The Mafia at the New Orleans Banana Kings. ...and a bunch of games Sunday and Monday and whatnot. Cheers!
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    How can you gain a permanent advantage?

    Okay, so football is a matchup sport. Personnel groupings the offense uses have to be appropriately matched or countered by the personnel of the defense. Fairly often, you'll hear talk of the defense getting caught with the wrong personnel, and/or running someone on/off the field, getting...