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  1. xpatriotpatsfan

    Week 3 - Jets @ Pats 9/22 1:00

    Sounds like P-Shoulder wasn't ever a thing????
  2. xpatriotpatsfan

    Week 2 - Pats @ Fins 9/15 1:05PM

    Could be the best defense ever.
  3. xpatriotpatsfan

    Brady is a bum

    P-Shoulder?? :shrug_n:
  4. xpatriotpatsfan

    Happy Birthday, O.Z.O.!

  5. xpatriotpatsfan


    another year slower means more penalties and less plays
  6. xpatriotpatsfan

    thought you were done with the planet?

    thought you were done with the planet?
  7. xpatriotpatsfan

    Has the Deflategate BS affected your enjoyment of the NFL?

    yeah, pretty much what most here say, i watched the Pats games and a couple other games that effect the Pats but to just watch a random game is over Patty*
  8. xpatriotpatsfan

    Patriots Injury Report: Dion Lewis Still Limited; Six Added With Ailments

    hopefully LaFell is in and Dobson sits. then set Keshawn out to keep Revis busy, let gronk take out Cromarte. Jules, Danny and LaFell rinse lather repeat
  9. xpatriotpatsfan

    Pats v. Jags Game Thread

    so Stork is in? o:-)
  10. xpatriotpatsfan

    Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

    Bills were all about no discipline, they really are Rexy's team Al Davis
  11. xpatriotpatsfan

    Pats at Bills: Official GAme Thread

    another PF roughness against the Bills? dirty team
  12. xpatriotpatsfan

    Pats at Bills: Official GAme Thread

    Bills taking after Rexy :Homer::Homer::Homer:
  13. xpatriotpatsfan

    Don't like the game being televised Locally?

    the youtube was a onetimer you can try firstrow also, looks like the same streams as these do not create an account