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  1. TBrownslady

    Happy New Year!

    Hi everyone! Just stopping in to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2021 has been a challenging year for us in the TBL household but hoping for a better finish in 2022. Hug your loved ones, be kind, and stay safe in this crazy world. Much love to you all! I will try and come in here more in 2022...
  2. TBrownslady

    Special Olympics Polar Plunge

    Hello my wonderful Patriots Planet fam! I don't normally come on here to ask for things but this time it is for a cause that is very near and dear to me. On February 28 I will be taking a plunge into the cold Atlantic ocean! All donations will go to the Special Olympics :) Every bit helps and is...
  3. TBrownslady


    There may be a thread somewhere on this but searching on my phone is awful lol Solar City now has a program for no money out of pocket they will install solar panels on your roof. You then buy the energy for a lower rate than what we are paying now. Has anyone done this and if so are you glad...
  4. TBrownslady

    Happy Birthday Hawg!

    I'm surprised there isn't one already! Happy Birthday Daddy Hawg! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  5. TBrownslady

    Merry Christmas!

    Things will probably get hectic for most of us after today so I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy time spent with family and friends some being their last holiday season. Don't let the craziness get to you. Take a step back and really enjoy each moment. Many...
  6. TBrownslady

    Big Favor to Ask of All of You

    Hi! :) We are in competition to win a chocolate fountain at our wedding and I would LOVE if we could get some votes from here! I would really really appreciate it :) It should be a simple process so hopefully all you have to do is click the link and vote for us! wuv...
  7. TBrownslady

    First Time Homebuyers

    There is so much information that I have had put into my head the past 2 months that my head is ready to explode. I figured I would start a thread in case there are things I may not remember or that I am not aware of. We want to take every advantage we can when filing taxes for next year as...
  8. TBrownslady

    Planet, your help is needed

    I figured this was the best place to throw this out there. So I got my godchild the trip to NYC. I want to get a bunch of stuff that can be her "clues". I am going to wrap them and have her open them on Christmas Eve and see if she guesses. I want it to be things she can actually use though lol...
  9. TBrownslady

    Three Days Grace @ Patriot Place

    They are playing a free show at Patriot Place on Saturday woohoo One of my favorite bands ever! Anyone else going? Also how is the parking for a Revolution game? Is it the same as football day with tailgating and what not or will I have no issue parking at Patriot Place?
  10. TBrownslady

    Monday Night Karaoke with Kyle Arrington

    Hi everyone! My godchild's dance school is throwing a karaoke night this coming Monday night at Kowloon's. Kyle Arrington is the special guest along with a few other players. Guest MC will be Chris Collins $30 dollars gets you in and a buffet dinner. children under 9 get in for free. Starts...
  11. TBrownslady

    The Official Tournament Thread

    I did a search and don't see one of these made yet. There are currently 3 tournaments waiting for players in the arcade if anyone is interested. Tomb Digger, Yahtzee, and Bowling. Just wanted to put it out there in case people are interested but don't always go over to the arcade :)
  12. TBrownslady

    Can you believe....

    This lady right here is officially off the market!!!! He finally did it! Those of you who are facebook friends with me PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING on there just yet. I have to wait until I get out of work and fly up to Lynn so I can show my mom because I don't want to tell her over the phone :)...
  13. TBrownslady

    Happy Magic Friday Ladies

    Dear God THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  14. TBrownslady

    Official Planet Pet Peeves Thread

    I don't think there is one of these but I thought I would start :) I eat lunch at my desk the intern guy thing that sits next to me is ALWAYS trying to start conversation with me while I'm eating. I hate people watching me eat never mind that he talks soft and I have bad hearing so most of the...
  15. TBrownslady

    Just so you all know

    I FINALLY got on my home pc and checked all the good stuff here including my very full PM box. I wanted thank everyone for all of the rep that I've gotten and haven't seen until now! I apologize for not returning it but one flaw about the app and phone internet is that it doesn't let you do...
  16. TBrownslady

    I need a good rub

    God knows I opened up one hell of a can with that title but what I'm looking for is a good rub to put on steak. I tried a flat iron steak from the butcher this past weekend and although it was good it needed more flavor. Some things to know about me is I can't handle spicy stuff so that...
  17. TBrownslady

    watch out for...

    Watch for charges on your accounts from this company TLG*GREATFN. I noticed they charged my account yesterday so I called and they had my dads name on the account saying he signed up for it. My dad doesn't know how to use the internet, speaks broken english, and has no idea what my account info...
  18. TBrownslady

    ladies of the planet

    Just a question but is it a big deal to get a diamond ring for an engagement ring? I feel in love with the most gorgeous amethyst ring and would rather have that. Just wanted to see different opinions. I don't want anything expensive on my hand to be honest nor do I wear any flashy things. My...
  19. TBrownslady

    Happy Steak & BJ Day

    Hope everyone enjoys some nice juicy steak tonight topped off with well you know the rest :p enjoy!
  20. TBrownslady

    draft party 2012

    I was talking to Lisa and we want to try to plan something close to the stadium. Any ideas on this? Discuss...