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  1. tehrick67

    Boston Bruins hockey

    I don't think the 'spear' was much of anything, or we would have seen/heard about it. Kotkaniemi was jumping into hits including the one that hurt Charlie and got away with it - so if Brad gave him a little stick I'm not going to worry about it..
  2. tehrick67

    RIP Gino Cappelletti

    Legend. RIP Gino..
  3. tehrick67

    Boston Bruins hockey

    They played well in the first, but you can't keep hitting the goalie in the crest with no traffic in front of the net. He was ready to piss down his leg, but the Bruins per usual couldn't take advantage. First line was hot garbage. That was not playoff caliber physicality last night. Other...
  4. tehrick67

    What was the last show you binged, and was it worth the time?

    I just binged Dexter and loved it. Ozark is next on my list. I got ESPN+ a few months back and spend way too much time watching hockey..
  5. tehrick67

    Amatuer Photography Thread

    Some great photos in this thread. I always wanted to take nice pictures, but I suck at it...
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    I had no doubt in my mind they were going to blow that game. Great win...
  7. tehrick67

    WTF Thread

    If Walmart tried that shit with me, somebody would be needing medical attention.
  8. tehrick67

    nothing wrong with that..

    nothing wrong with that..
  9. tehrick67

    Excellent. This place doesn't look as active as it once was..

    Excellent. This place doesn't look as active as it once was..
  10. tehrick67

    Doing great thanks. How you been?

    Doing great thanks. How you been?
  11. tehrick67

    Happy Birthday pig!

    Happy birthday!
  12. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    Blues are going to have 2 suspensions in this series for head shots and 2 whole penalty minutes for it.
  13. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    On 3 of them, the ref is 10 feet away looking at it... Officiating is a hard job, it can be tough to pickup everything, but these aren't ticky tack or well hidden penalties....they are plain as day blatant calls.
  14. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    Maybe lock him in a room with Cam for a few minutes..
  15. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    Yup, the Bruins could be better. They however are playing an opponent who is trying to win the game also. The refs simply need to be able to make the obvious calls, they missed several obvious calls last night, the last several games in fact.
  16. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    Barbashev will have a hearing for his check to the head that didn't even get a penalty, because the ref 10 feet away didn't see it.
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    so sad what happened to Jeff. Had a great sense of humor and was a great family man. More proof life isn't fair. RIP buddy..
  18. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    The movie is called Goalie, looks good.
  19. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    A movie is coming out about Sawchuk, you can find the trailer on YouTube. This guy had some serious issues off the ice. I have the book about him, just haven't had the time to read it.
  20. tehrick67

    Official Hockey Thread

    They sound more like pink hats than actual hockey players/fans.