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  1. BostonTim

    Great Plays From Patriots History

    It was. My bad. Russ had his best year with 8 TDs and was traded to to SF. (Won aa ring there too) for the draft pick that brought us Andre Tippet..
  2. BostonTim

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Just Bill being Bill
  3. BostonTim

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Well, he sucked the dynasty dry. Time to move on I guess. Cheers
  4. BostonTim

    National Vietnam War Veterans Day: March 29, 2023.

    March 29, 1973, 50 years ago today, The U.S. left Vietnam in its rearview mirror. I've been back for 54 years now. The day was designated in 2017 to honor those who served there.. I will remember and thank all those who served there or anywhere. Bless them all. Cheers
  5. BostonTim

    Your Moment of Zen

    He's appearing at the Chevalier theater in Medford on May 19.
  6. BostonTim

    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Fogarty, 77 years old, is at Mohegan Sun April 27
  7. BostonTim

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    So someone decided to take a picture of the camera sitting all alone on the ground taking a picture of some poor fox trying to take a dump?
  8. BostonTim

    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Never was a big Diamond fan. Like Brother love. And really like this. View:
  9. BostonTim

    Lamar Wants To Be A Patriot

    From your mouth to Bill's ear. Cheers, :toast:
  10. BostonTim

    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Just for whatever reason in my head these are Monday morning songs, View: View: View:
  11. BostonTim

    Pats Trade #1 For Tee Higgins?

  12. BostonTim

    Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

    Have a happy Bunday! View:
  13. BostonTim

    Daily Dopamine Dump

    Owner of the alleys must love the dents,
  14. BostonTim

    Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

    What innocents looks like before they learn to knock shit onto the floor.
  15. BostonTim

    The Golf thread

    Not fair! The other guy should get his chance too, :coffee: Cheers
  16. BostonTim

    Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

    Great day, all! Cheers, :toast:
  17. BostonTim

    The Pig Pen— Beware you WILL probably get offended

    I'm no chemist but wouldn't the Vaseline make it one?
  18. BostonTim

    The NFL 2023 Draft

    Certainly unlikely, but... View: I can always dream.