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  1. Patriots44

    I got a hot date tonight. Wish me luck.

    Fistina Jergens is all mine, so keep yours off! (hands??)
  2. Patriots44

    MIA Emoji's

    does goodel or roger Goodell still change automatically? (guess we'll find out when I hit "post") beagle :beagle:
  3. Patriots44

    Maine may legalize Viking-style funerals

    Exactly! I do the same thing.
  4. Patriots44

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    A Priest and a Rabbi are walking down the street when they see a young boy playing in his yard the Priest says to the Rabbi "do you wanna fvck him"? and the Rabbi says "Out of what?" (excuse me while I just let myself into hell :coffee: )
  5. Patriots44

    Random Football News

    Maybe, or just posturing so other teams don't think they will trade out of that spot easy? plus why not sit there and wait on draft day and see who falls to them? I suspect if any of the teams we are talking about try to trade up, it will be on draft day once they know how is still there...
  6. Patriots44

    Edelman traded to Bucs? - April fools perhaps? :coffee:

    it's that time of the year, but who is the joke on other then people posting in fan threads :coffee: update - tweet is from "Pats Militia"... I'm sure they're legit
  7. Patriots44

    Edelman traded to Bucs? - April fools perhaps? :coffee:

    just saw a tweet to that effect
  8. Patriots44

    Bideau, Jaric, Mikiemo, SOKB and others

    ChiefsGal and VFY were my first thought, but those ones you mentioned are ok I guess :coffee: (in all seriousness, I agree but I was gone for almost a year mainly due to virus issues on the board, and I'm only an occasional poster.... totally forgot about some of them and hope they are ok and...
  9. Patriots44

    The Patriots Planet "Mixer"

    1)name something that can make a crappy day into a good day? - a great song or a good laugh 2)a quality all your friends have in common? - honest, genuine, enjoying what's real and important 3)what is something that makes you laugh no matter what? - animals doing something...
  10. Patriots44

    What A Great Owner Robert Kraft Turned Out To Be

    it was a challenge rooting for Pats pre-Kraft because you didn't trust that ownership either cared or were competent enough to succeed. Kraft isn't 100% perfect but he cares about winning and SB's... that's all a fan of a team can hope for! (I rooted for pats pre-kraft but always felt like...
  11. Patriots44

    2021 NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney Thread

    I am not a big B'ball fan (pro or college) but the Tourney is pretty cool... always root for the underdog, like North Texas or Oral Roberts taking out a higher seed.
  12. Patriots44

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    It was raining hard and a big puddle had formed in front of an Irish pub. An old man stood beside the puddle holding a stick with a string on the end and jiggled it up and down in the water. A curious gentleman asked what he was doing. 'Fishing,' replied the old man. 'Poor old fool' thought the...
  13. Patriots44

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    Declan walked into his favourite pub The Long Valley in Cork and asked the barman for a whiskey. When he sat down he noticed a very attractive redhead at the far end of the bar and he said to the barman, 'That girl there...send a drink down to her too, whatever she's having.' The barman said, 'I...
  14. Patriots44

    Happy Birthday, Hawg73!

    Happy Birthday !! :toast:
  15. Patriots44

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    An Irish friend of mine posts Irish jokes leading up to St. Patricks Day: An Irishman who had a little too much to drink is driving home from the city one night and, of course, his car is weaving violently all over the road. A cop pulls him over. “So,” says the cop to the drunk driver, “where...
  16. Patriots44

    What is a perfect album from start to finish?

    I saw someone mention Rush 2112 (agree) and would add Moving Pictures as well.
  17. Patriots44

    What is a perfect album from start to finish?

    thanks... didn't think it would be that easy so I didn't try that first.... doh! (I edited my original post)
  18. Patriots44

    What is a perfect album from start to finish?

    On the hard rock/metal side of things: Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime View:
  19. Patriots44

    Van Noy released by Dolphins

    That work from home thing will never catch on :coffee:
  20. Patriots44

    Official Hockey Thread

    The Lake Tahoe thing was great! the outdoor hockey always is a bit different but very cool and a nice win for the B's I didn't see the other game but loved Colorado rocking the old Nordiques sweaters. I know the NHL got some grief over the delays for ice issues but they should just work...