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  1. Darth Despot

    Random Football News: 2023

    I would take a 32-0 vote of the owners to waive the rule and allow him to play. Can't see the doofins, or anyone in the AFC west signing off on that.
  2. Darth Despot

    Should Musie watch game 7: Miami vs Boston

    I'm going to go with no.
  3. Darth Despot

    The Golf thread

    Didn't play for a couple of years due to back problems and now I'm going to the range, trying to find the swing (never advanced beyond hacker). Oddly I hit my irons like shit and the woods were solid, weird.
  4. Darth Despot

    The Official Real Life Happens PP Member Support Thread

    Good to hear, take a deep breath and find your zen.
  5. Darth Despot

    The Patriots 2023 Preseason Thread - OTAs and Mini Camp Sherriff Roger on top of the big important shit :4321::punchballs:
  6. Darth Despot

    The Golf thread

    If el chapo had decided to start a tour would these guys take the money? Sure there is a big difference in the base product, but the management styles are pretty similar.
  7. Darth Despot

    The Golf thread

    Usually when a guy is putting like shit he misses mid range and longer by a foot or 2. McIlroy missed everything by an inch. Fuck LIV and all the whores who took the blood money.
  8. Darth Despot

    Jim Brown Passes

    Dude was the best player in the NFL and the greatest lacrosse player of his time. Damn fine run, left he mark in many places, not the least of which was the fight for racial equality. :beer:
  9. Darth Despot

    In-Game Athleticism (IGA) Score as a New Measure

    My nit to pick. "Speed" is not the only measure of athleticism. The ability to leap, or to change direction (agility) fit. But more than that, hand eye coordination, the ability to adjust your posture in space, sometimes in flight. In football the ability to hit, be hit and recover are all...
  10. Darth Despot

    Boston Bruins hockey

    Wait There are still hockey games happening? Imagine that.
  11. Darth Despot

    Boston Bruins hockey

    They got outplayed throughout the series. It sucks, maybe not 18-1 sucks, but it sucks.
  12. Darth Despot

    Isaiah Bolden pick 245 CB Jackson State

    I think they let the draft come to them this year instead of trying to reach, I'm really happy with it.
  13. Darth Despot

    Patriots select Christain Gonzalez with the #17th pick.

    Based on history, this kids and his agent must be very happy this morning. Dude will play out his rookie deal becoming a top shutdown corner, then make a bazzilion dollars in FA, maybe here, maybe somewhere else. Abd we get 5 years (at least) of solid production.
  14. Darth Despot

    Early 2023 Predictions??

    Well I am convinced.... 0-17 [yes this is sarcasm]
  15. Darth Despot

    The Official Real Life Happens PP Member Support Thread

    Hey Alk, allow yourselves to enjoy the good days. If you feel guilty just tell the guilt to fuck off.
  16. Darth Despot

    Seventeen Glorious Years

    LA problems... Was there not one person in that GD courtroom who grew up in a place where you know if leather gloves get wet, they shrink?
  17. Darth Despot

    The Golf thread

    I find I hit it better if I'm working through an injury because I am not trying to rip it.
  18. Darth Despot

    Wake up bitches…. Mikiemo83 has returned

    Holy shit, partying like it's 2005 in here now.
  19. Darth Despot

    Boston Bruins hockey

    Hope someone told the Panthers goalies to watch their back in the next game. After a flat game 2 (and a non-dominant game 1) I might have been a little worried about heading to FLA without Bergie or Kreci, guess I didn't need to worry.