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  1. Gumpboy45

    Watching the game live

    What are ways everyone watches the game. I live in cedar rapids iowa and I used to use nfl Sunday ticket but got sick of the high cost. What are other option out there?
  2. Gumpboy45


    Report on is he left on crutches and wearing a boot
  3. Gumpboy45

    WOW! sorry if this was already talked about what are the Odds LOL
  4. Gumpboy45

    Pats VS Boys Official Game Thread

    Too soon? :shrug_n:
  5. Gumpboy45

    anyone else seen this? sorry if it was already posted before Carr, like several other quarterbacks, said Denver was one of the toughest places to play. He said he thought the ball expanded slightly at the altitude and felt slick because of the...
  6. Gumpboy45


    Back up off of the bridge, Nothing to see here!
  7. Gumpboy45

    Mallet trade rumors on

    sounds like its heating up with him going to houston. If so we know they are going to Draft Clowney
  8. Gumpboy45

    Dante Scarnecchia to retire

    Dang 1st pepper Johnson now him.
  9. Gumpboy45

    pats inactives

    Patriots: WR Kenbrell Thompkins, DT Isaac Sopoaga, DB Justin Green, OL Chris Barker, TE D.J. Williams, DE Jake Bequette.
  10. Gumpboy45

    1 word?

    Tell me in 1 word how you are feeling right now. also you can not use the same word as someone else my word is INSANE
  11. Gumpboy45

    Dobson back?

    I have to wonder if they held Dobson out of the colts Game just to give him another week. Knowing the plan was to run the ball maybe they figured they would be fine with what they had? we all know that this week if the running game cant produce early we may be forced to throw. Thats assuming the...
  12. Gumpboy45

    Boyce to IR

    Not dobson!!! thought? New here, i Read alot but have never posted. tought i would give it a shot