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    Just a minor detail about that controversial Patriots 4th and 13 attempt

    This years loss has no bearing for me on my feelings for Brady as a player. I saw what everyone saw, our OL breakdown and not giving him any time to survey the field. Brady never did! He didn't look right because he sucks all of a sudden, he didn't look right because that was the play call...
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    Just a minor detail about that controversial Patriots 4th and 13 attempt

    Not a great play, or call! This game was NOT on Brady, nor was the AFCC in 2006! Both games came down to our defense blowing it late in the 4th Qtr on the final drives. Brady can be blamed for Denver, but not in this SB where he got killed every time he dropped back. If the defense held on...
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    Anyone else worried that this is the end?

    I'm not sure actually! I never expeted a lose by any account so I never even thought about it. But we may have a year or two of regression. Also, what if this spygate crap comes to the surface and we find out BB did in fact tape the Rams walk through. Then BB gets suspended or maybe even...
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    Anybody seen a Peyton - Eli Oreo commercial?

    Brady said on WEEI this morning that he was going to give Peyton "crap" for that spot. It's just too easy to get material on Peyton. He will do just about anything for a buck and some publicity!
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    Brady named NFL MVP

    Our first Franchise MVP! Way to go Tommy. Well deserved. THANK YOU for making football in New England what it is today, AMAZING!
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    Paparazzi find Tom and Gisele in NYC

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Warning..sappy soap post Well, in this case it had ALOT to do with it. Bridget, almost 40 dating a guy that was not ready to get married. I think that is what caused the eventual breakup and her need to have a child. You're right sometimes / alot of times ages does mean...
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    Paparazzi find Tom and Gisele in NYC

    Re: Re: Warning..sappy soap post Second that. She seems pretty sweet when on Conan or Leno. A pretty cool girl who is so damn sexy. I lover her husky accent voice. Drives me nuts! She seems very down to earth and a pretty smart business woman (Forbes said she made $33 million in 07...
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    Paparazzi find Tom and Gisele in NYC

    If she has brains...she ain't leaving Brady for Romo in the first place :thumb:
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    Paparazzi find Tom and Gisele in NYC

    Actually alot of high profile people prefer NYC because there are not nearly as many episodes like this one. Brady has often said Boston is impossible for him to go out in public in. He used to be able to, but now those times happen seldomly. Everyone remember the times with Bridget that were...
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    Paparazzi find Tom and Gisele in NYC Our QB does not look happy! :cool:
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    Tom's Boots: Yay or Nay?

    If Tom F'in Brady is wearing those boots, the Best Dressed Man in the World, you can bet your Arse we will all be wearing them by the beginning of next week. :thumb:
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    Smith spat at Brady

    He did say something maybe, but spit. Spit is a pretty offensive accusation and for someone to start a post with no facts like that is ridiculous. If he spit, Harrison and the rest of the team would have went nuts. It was not mentioned and it did not happen. Fantom spit :banghead:
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    Smith spat at Brady

    This is a lie. Smith did NOT spit at Brady! You could count on Brady making that known after the game or certainly in his weekly WEEI interview in which they discussed the incident. Brady never mentioned spit....don't you think he would have if it did happen, which it did not happen. Lies :mad:
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    Who is this Tom Brady?

    The MVP will be Brady's. There is no question!
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    Saw Randy Moss today

    Well, at the time I was still in school (so was she) and I didn't have much cash to take her out so I would stop in and say hi with a few buddies. It was good for some free food and coffee. :thumb:
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    Saw Randy Moss today

    One player on the Steelers (sorry, can't remember who) said he is 'best friends' with Randy Moss. Just read that in an article. So it could have very well been a Steeler player. As for meeting players. I've met alot of the Pats. I dated a girl who worked at the Dunkin Donuts on Rte 1 in the...
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    Supermodel(not named Gisele) at Gillette...

    When Gisele was there a two years ago Brady seriously could not take his eyes off of her. Matt Light had to drag him onto the field for the offensive series. I was amazed in how transfixed he was on Gisele and not focused on the game. A game they won by the way against Buffalo/Bledsoe. I...
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    Vote Brady: Fedex Player of the Week Sidenote: Brady is now ahead of Manning in ProBowl voting. Keep Voting! Go Pats!!!
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    NFL Live Knocks Brady

    ...not to mention that she got pregnant in the first place after 3 years of baby free sex just as the relationship was going South. Bridget is a mature woman of almost 40 - somehow she managed to have protected sex well into her late 30's without an 'accident'. Brady was set up, plain and...
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    lord knows I dont ask for much...

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