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  1. BigKen

    What pisses me off.

    Listen and understand very carefully. The Eagles sucked against the Patriots yesterday. They did not beat the Patriots. The Patriots beat the Patriots. 1. Mac throws a pick 6 INT 6 Points Eagles 2. Elliot fumbles on the Patriots' side of the field. 6 Points Eagles and the PAT is missed...
  2. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    2023 Pickett - Starts for the Steelers and got taken to school by Purdy (Mr. Irrelevant Pick #256) Goff - Starts for the Lions and best the World Champs Brisett = Gone Wilson = Gone Ehlinger = Gone McCoy = Gone Thompson - Washing Tua's jock Bridgewater - Barely inside of Gone Mac threw for...
  3. BigKen

    2023 Week 1 Other Games Thread

    I only read about half of the replies. I had to spend last night in a hotel room without Prime. Woke up at 3:00 AM and checked the score. IMO, Me BigKen, Opinion, not fact, no link. Patrick Mahomes is average at best without multiple top receivers. His production stayed up last year wity the...
  4. BigKen

    Opinion change notification

    I watched all of the college upsets this weekend. Last night was spectacular Duke taking out Clemson 24-7. I'm primed for an upset by the Lions Thursday night against the Chiefs. Dolphins loss at the Chargers Patriots upset the Eagles And Finally Jets and Bills, in an offensive...
  5. BigKen

    Eagles at Patriots Sunday at 4:25 (Brady honored)

    You Read It Here FIRST: Eagles have the best pass rushing front seven and backups in the NFL!!! ***Patriots will be a 1989-90 RUSHING ATTACK. RS and EE will be running right through and right by the front 7. The secondary will be making tackles four, five, six yards beyond the line of...
  6. BigKen

    College football 2023 thread

    Just an aside. PAC12 is breaking up. PAC12 went undefeated this weekend 13-0. I wish I had stayed up and watched the 2nd half of FSU/LSU. I was really interested in the game and forgot that I had a fantasy draft. Teams drafted by the computer suck.
  7. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    ** Upon being exercised, the fifth-year option is fully guaranteed, and any base salary in the player's fourth year that was not fully guaranteed will become so. The fifth-year salary is calculated based on four tiers: Basic, playtime, one Pro Bowl, multiple Pro Bowls.May 2, 2023 Mac has been...
  8. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Do not expect to see Zappe back on this roster unless Mac or Corral are hurt. Bill O'Brien is not a Zappe supporter. Remember, Zappe Was in the shotgun 98% of his Senior year at W.Kentucky. Play action is a completely foreign concept and he rarely worked with a running back. That's how he had...
  9. BigKen

    Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

    Another 90 degree day here in Florida. Word of advice from an old fart: "If you open your eyes in the morning, it's good day. Don't waste it."
  10. BigKen

    Jimmy Buffett RIP

    He worked his ass off convincing people to just have a little fun. His relaxation came when he played his music for us. Sleep well. You've earned your rest.
  11. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    That's correct. The third QB does not count against the 46 man game roster, but must play the QB only if QB #1 and #2 are hurt or cannot play.
  12. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Now that Matt Corral is on the 53 man roster, still think that's exactly what he'll do??? Don't be surprised if Zappe is shaved off the PS. Bill O'Brien is not a fan. The minute that Zappe has to play under center and run a Pro Offense, he's dead meat. He threw for 62 TDs because he was in a...
  13. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Bill is not going to take Zappe off the PS and put him on the 53 man roster. Seven teams tried to sig him awy yesterday, everyone of them to their practice squad. What does that tell you? Everyone wants his to QB the scout team in practices, no one wants him as their primary or backup. BB has...
  14. BigKen

    RIP Bob Barker age 99

    Want to make it until June 2044. I'll be 94. Want to see my great grand-daughter graduate from college. I was the first ever in my family. All three of my kids. My grandson will graduate in May 2024 and his daughter in May 2044. It'll be up to her after that.
  15. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    McCall couldn't pass the physical and has already been waived. Gonzalez got hurt in the final camp practice of 2023
  16. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Nice to see that the Planet Staff likes to insult too. Now you can ban me.
  17. BigKen

    Good game last night

    Hate seeing any game have an injury like this. Packers were moving the ball when it happened. Worse case for the Patriots would have been a TD. I think the Pack would have at least kicked a FG. From then on, the best scrubs would have carried the day.
  18. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    Why don't you?
  19. BigKen

    Looking at the Patriots 2023

    And your point is? You don't like what I write, you have several options. 1. You can ignore it. 2. You can make a factual response different 3. You can agree. or 4. You can ask a stupid question that serves no purpose whatsoever other than you feel like you added something. Or embarrassed...