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  1. THAT Charlie Gordon

    College football 2023 thread

    Penix has really impressive accuracy, and consistent accuracy. As I understand it, he has been injury-free with no notable ill-effects for a couple years, right? A really interesting prospect, even discounted for being a lefty.
  2. THAT Charlie Gordon

    College football 2023 thread

  3. THAT Charlie Gordon

    College football 2023 thread

    Just jumping into this thread for the @OSUBuckeye of it all.
  4. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Comments on the times: I can't believe I just paid $______ for ________

    You ain't kiddin'! I now have 6 teenagers in the house, plus a 20 year old and the 5 younger kids. Feeding them is no joke these days.
  5. THAT Charlie Gordon

    My Team Won the Grey Cup Tonight

    I used to have an awesome looking Toronto Argonauts baseball cap. I became a fan with Flutie first going there (my sister was at BC during the Flutie years). Thought the Canadian game would be perfect for him. Congrats to Montreal! I'm glad they won, and dramatic wins are always great. When...
  6. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Daily Dopamine Dump

    This might be my new favorite picture. Also, when I showed it to the Little Wanderers, what they took from it was: "He's so shiny! Is he just sweating, or did he rub himself with body oil?" later followed by "Now I know that when I grow up I want to be a shiny fat man kicking an alligator."
  7. THAT Charlie Gordon

    WTF Thread

    I just got a text from Little Wanderers #1. She said she and some of her friends (who had spent time with me) were describing me to other friends. One of them said, "so your dad overshares, we get it." "No," she said, "it's not that. It's more that he's... relentlessly intimate." "Wow," said...
  8. THAT Charlie Gordon

    NFL Cringe Moments

    That would be it...
  9. THAT Charlie Gordon

    NFL Cringe Moments

    Cringey, but not as cringey as the Patriots' response...
  10. THAT Charlie Gordon


    I love the Jrue/White combo. I've been a full-on White backer since he arrived, and I'd admired Jrue from afar. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well they work together - that could have gone either way.
  11. THAT Charlie Gordon

    The 2023 AFC East

    "He's tall, he's got a strong arm..." #ThrowBackThursday IYKYK.
  12. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Hot Dog- Patriots vs Colts Game Thread in Germany 9:30 AM NFLN

    Brits were first to a lot of things. Americans perfected them. Take tea, for example. Hey, how about packing it into teabags so having a cup isn't automatically like a adding in a side order of chewing tobacco? Jolly good!
  13. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Patriots vs Commanders Game thread 1PM FOX

    When I lived in Alexandria, VA, my brother came down to visit me. I was telling him about a place in Ballston, which is an area of Arlington. He stopped: "Wait, what did you say?" "Ballston. It's a section of Arlington." "Oh. I thought you said Boston." "Nope. It's a Metro stop." "I...
  14. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Patriots vs Commanders Game thread 1PM FOX

    This whole line of discussion is spurious. Boston accent includes f-bombs. It's the equivalent of saying "um" or "uh" in Boston. It's why the lovely character drama Good Will Hunting has more f-bombs than Goodfellas.
  15. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Mac Jones Is Our QB1

  16. THAT Charlie Gordon

    The 2024 Draft

    Almost as if it's a problem with his mechanics!
  17. THAT Charlie Gordon

    Mac Jones Is Our QB1

    I heard it's squatt cobbler of the highest order.