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  1. NFL-Know

    Week 8 2020. The Bills

    Great and all valid points you make here. I know Edelmann has been playing with lagging injuries but it is hard not to think he will not be trying to get back with TFB starting next year. After AB starts his upswing with TFB, you may see more players want to play for a head coach and other...
  2. NFL-Know

    Week 7, Other games

    Yes, RedZone is good TV on Sundays. I wish it covered SNF, too but that is usually covered on FS1. I hear TFB is enjoying his current 5-2 record and will be getting AB add to his O in next week or 2. Bucs have Chiefs and Saints games in Nov and that will set a sight on their post season play...
  3. NFL-Know

    Comment by 'NFL-Know' in event 'TB @ LV'

    I wish I culd play this game. Is there any help or user mode? tia
  4. NFL-Know

    New Sportsbook

    Perhaps my account is not setup to be able to view money for betting purposes. I use to play video poker often to continue to establish betting money. I only now see points and no cash indicator for betting purposes. I'll continue to check out the sportsbook area in case I'm not deep enough...
  5. NFL-Know

    New Sportsbook

    Where does one check how much cash they have because I had 217K in last one but see no where to view it?! I believe the way mikiemo83 used to do it by individual total bet and then assess results in their same post showinng that as bolded it the easiest. Putting up individual game events...
  6. NFL-Know

    2020 sports betting week 3

    NFL - WEEK 3 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH Las Vegas Raiders +5½ O/U 47½ New England Patriots -5½ I bet 100 on Raiders +5.5 and another 100 on over 47.5 Los Angeles Rams +2½ O/U 47 Buffalo Bills -2½ I bet 100 on Bills -2.5 and another 100 on over 47 San Francisco 49ers -3½ O/U 41½ New York...
  7. NFL-Know

    Week 2, 2020 - Patriots @Seattle

    Drew Brees looked really good against Bucs last week but Saints don't play Seahawks in regular season. Saints have awesome weapons sorounding Brees and Cook made allot of great plays for a TE. Still too early to put any stamps on teams yet but after this coming week we should have a better...
  8. NFL-Know

    2020 NFL odds week 2

    Sunday, September 20th, 2020 1:00 PM EST Spread Total Carolina +9.0 48.5 Tampa Bay -9.0 - I bet 100 on Bucs -9 and another 100 on over 48.5 1:00 PM EST Spread Total San Francisco -7.0 42.5 NY Jets +7 I bet 100 on 49ers -7 and another 100 on over 42.5 1:00 PM EST Spread Total Buffalo -5.5...
  9. NFL-Know

    2020 NFL odds week 1

    It might be possible because my mouse keypad has been a little sensitive the past few days. If you can verify then just add the K onto my winnings. Thanks much..
  10. NFL-Know

    2020 Suicide Pool

    Week 1- Bucs over Saints Pats to score 386 this regular season
  11. NFL-Know

    2020 NFL odds week 1

    1:00 PM EST Spread Total Miami +6.5 43.0 New England -6.5 I bet 100 on Pats -6.5 and another 100 on over 43 1:00 PM EST Spread Total Cleveland +7.5 48.5 Baltimore -7.5 I bet 100 on Ravens -7.5 and another 100 on over 48.5 1:00 PM EST Spread Total NY Jets +6.5 39.5 Buffalo -6.5 I bet...
  12. NFL-Know

    20/21 Pats Season Predictions?

    I believe Pats will be real lucky to make 8-8 and actually that would be a big positive for this team with all the unforseen and uncontrollable obstacles . Pats have little to no money in their Cap space without modifying many current contracts whixh just isn't happening. Now BB recently...
  13. NFL-Know

    RIP Tom Seaver

    One of the greatest pitchers in MLB. RIP Tom you will be missed by many. :bow:
  14. NFL-Know

    The 2020 General Election

    As an Independent, I believe you will find that if Biden, Senate , and House are all Dem controlled, the lastest GOP Income Tax plan will be nuked and we go back to everyone pays their fair share.
  15. NFL-Know

    So What About Jarrett Stidham

    I totally agree with your post. TFB will get his chance to show how much he is checked out of football in his 1st game against the Saints. Pats at 1:00 PM against the Phins in Gellete then the season opening game of the week with Brees vs Brady on Fox sports @ 4:25 PM in the Houston Astrodome...
  16. NFL-Know

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be charged in Florida prostitution sting

    Thanx much, you are way too kind.... :peace: Yes, I agree ; finishing the regular NFL schedule this year will provide many answers to many questions. Ya, Bobby beat the premature wrap as Myra rolls over in her grave... o:-)
  17. NFL-Know

    So What About Jarrett Stidham

    I agree with your above list and especially the prioty sequence. I don't think anyone in here will not acknowlege TFB's total 20 year contribution to the Pats. He has become the only GOAT NFL QB with his MANY records of which most will not be broken in a lang time and some will never be broken...
  18. NFL-Know

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be charged in Florida prostitution sting

    Kraft will be giving season ticket holders a bunch of spa freebee passes at Trump's Mar-a-lago China factory. Kraft will also throw in some Jeff Epstein island passes where all the 14 to 16 year olds are stashed. Everyone will learn more about Kraft's affiliation with Epstein here after Trump...
  19. NFL-Know

    So What About Jarrett Stidham

    I find it rather ludicrous that anyone could think that TFB is still playing football to promote his TB12 brand. I believe the primary reason he still plays is that he still loves the game and has more in the tank to contribute to a team that wants him. I believe we will see a great deal in...
  20. NFL-Know

    So What About Jarrett Stidham

    Please see my comments above