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  1. HipKat

    The Newest Definitive "Are We Alone?" Collective Debate

    My introduction to the topic of UFOs started when I was in 7th grade and in the middle of the night while camping with some friends, I woke up and watched a triangular shaped object slowly move across the sky overhead. When I found out that my school library had a large collection of books on...
  2. HipKat

    What Is The Last Movie You Saw

    This is a thread that's been super popular on another forum I'm on. Here are my last few View: View: View: View...
  3. HipKat

    Mercy Killing

    The Sabres finally fired Ralph Kreuger. Obviously, Jack Eichel pulls the strings in Buffalo. Even during the Bills drought, I was never as embarrassed as I have been by the Sabres over the last 10 years. I used to tell people there were THREE things in life that was definite; Death, Taxes and...
  4. HipKat

    RIP Larry Flynt

    Man, they're dropping like flies...
  5. HipKat

    Billboard celebrating Bills fans as league's best coming to New England

    A billboard lauding the Bills as having the NFL’s No. 1 fan base is heading to Foxborough, Mass., courtesy of Fox Sports. Bills fans won Fox Sports’ Ultimate Fan Bracket, taking the final against the Green Bay Packers’ faithful with more than 84,000 votes cast. After declaring the Bills fans...
  6. HipKat

    Gronk is Wrestlemania 24/7 Champ Rob Gronkowski left WrestleMania as the WWE's 24/7 champion after he pinned friend Mojo Rawley during Sunday's second night of the annual wrestling showcase. The Western New York native was serving...
  7. HipKat

    Gronk is Wrestlemania 24/7 Champ Rob Gronkowski left WrestleMania as the WWE's 24/7 champion after he pinned friend Mojo Rawley during Sunday's second night of the annual wrestling showcase. The Western New York native was serving...
  8. HipKat

    Another Victim of..... The Coronavirus!!!!

    Kazakh bodybuilder's 'marriage' to sex doll girlfriend on hold because of coronavirus Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has revealed his planned nuptials with sex-doll fiancee Margo have fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, you read that right. Muscleman Tolochko recently sent...
  9. HipKat

    Best Of.... The Joe Rogan Podcast.

    I've watched a bunch of them, but my favorites I've seen lately are Tommy Chong: David Lee Roth (Like watching a car crash) : Maynard James Keenan:
  10. HipKat

    Raiders Prepared to offer Brady 60 Million

    Report: Raiders prepared to offer Tom Brady two-year, $60 million deal - Full Story We have an actual dollar figure attached to the swirling rumors of various Tom Brady free agency landing spots. The Brady-to-Las Vegas speculation has been out there since TB12 was spotted chatting up Raiders...
  11. HipKat

    Buffalo Bills Dion Dawkins Letter to Bills Mafia

    I know, I know, it's a Pats forum, but I thought this was pretty cool A Letter to Bills Mafia First things first and it’s a pretty serious issue. It’s an epidemic sweeping across America. It’s called “people wanting to jump on this Bills bandwagon.” No, for real — talk to your loved ones...
  12. HipKat

    Edelman admits to faking injury? During the Bills’ Week 16 meeting at New England with the Patriots, it looked like receiver Julian Edelman was down for the count. Instead, he later returned and was a thorn in the side of the...
  13. HipKat

    Dean McDermott NFL Coach Of The YEar

    NFL Executives select Buffalo Bills’ Sean McDermott as Coach of the Year in poll, Brandon Beane third for Executive Award - Full Story With a 10-4 record and a second playoff berth in three years secured, McDermott received seven votes to edge out Ravens coach John Harbaugh (5 1/2) and 49ers...
  14. HipKat

    Wow! Thank You Pats Fans!!!

    I was just reading the NFL.Com story and highlights form the Bills game yesterday and almost all of the comments under the story are from Pats fans. Maybe you guys aren't as bad as...
  15. HipKat

    McDermott to Buffalo?

    Looks like it's an almost done deal with McDermott. Rumors are he brings McCoy as OC and that he wants more control over the 53 man roster, which would limit Whaley's influence on the team, and Pegula is willing to give it to him Wondering what you guys think about that combo in Buffalo
  16. HipKat

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

    It's your old pal, back for another NFL Season. Sadly, work has been 70+ hours a week most of the summer so I have some catching up to do, but I did want to stop in and say high before the season kicks off and refresh out oh so friendly rivalry. Hope you all have had a great off season!
  17. HipKat

    OJ: Made In America

    Anyone here watch the series?? I'm surprised I couldn't find a thread on it, knowing some old timers post here that surely remember not only the trial but his football days. First, the series itself is done incredibly well. The depth they went into in covering every aspect of OJ's life from a...
  18. HipKat

    Bring On The Bills!

    No, no, I'm not gonna get all crazy and claim victory before the fact this time. But a huge game for Buffalo coming on Monday night, where the Bills always seem to fall apart. Still, slightly different Bills team than in Week 2. Defense is still allowing big plays but pressuring QB's better and...
  19. HipKat

    Luck out

    Colts just announced luck is out 2 to 6 weeks with torn abdominal muscle.