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    K'Neal Harry Real Goings ON??

    I would like to get some input as to what people think is the real issue why K'Neal Harry was activvated to the 53 man roaster last Sat but inactive to play in last Sunday night's game. I understand that TFB's major issue was his OLine and D nor playing well for some Ratbirds series...
  2. NFL-Know

    RIP Teddie Green of the Bruins

    A very sad day for a great Bruins hockey player !
  3. NFL-Know

    Rest in Peace Luke Perry of 90210, Riverdale, and others

    RIP Luke Perry who died at 52 from a massive stroke. Live for today because tomorrow is not promised.
  4. NFL-Know

    RIP Mitchell Henry

    Way too young to loose a gifted football player..
  5. NFL-Know

    Is Casino Video Poker broken?

    This is the second time I posted this that my Casino Video Poker AJAX and requires javascript to be on 'Start Game" green button does not work? Is anyone else having this trouble?
  6. NFL-Know

    Is Casino Video Poker broken?

    I am running windows 10 in both Edge and Google browsers. For unknown reasons the Start Game button doesn't work and this is the one related to Ajax and VScript must be turned on and I have confirmed this, too. I noticed over the weekend that accessing Forums, Casino, etc was always telling me...
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    Judge allows suit over 2014 Super Bowl tickets to be refiled

    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A lawsuit against the NFL over the number of tickets sold to the public for the 2014 Super Bowl is going forward. Josh Finkelman's lawsuit seeks class-action status and alleges the league violated New Jersey consumer protection laws when it made only about 1 percent of...
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    It's About Time They Got The Greatest QB Ever Correct

    Here it is in the flesh and I almost agree with all of them: :coffee:
  9. NFL-Know

    Texans now interested in Mallett

    This could be a good 2nd round draft pick for Pats : :thumb: What's everyone else think?
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    Casino Video Poker Issue

    Does anyone know if there is a coding issue in the Casino Video Poker game because I get this error : Method Not Implemented GET to /index.html not supported. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. and the game...
  11. NFL-Know

    Who thinks this Saints players suspensions will stand ?

    This is the biggest joke of player suspensions that Roger Goodell has ever put forth. It is so hard to justify the levy of player suspensions that were totally controlled by the Saint coaches sanctioning...