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  1. aloyouis

    Abortion Thread 2.0

    Previous to Patswin we struggled through many thread closures including this lighting rod. Somethings have been different lately. You decide what they are. Seems that we can have reasonable discourse on this topic while disagreeing. Many dislike this guy, but he makes great points especially...
  2. aloyouis

    "It's rules for thee, but not for me."

    It is hard to believe there isn't a thread specific to this topic given the massive amount of hypocrisy since last March. Given they just won't stop I think it appropriate for these wonderful politicians to have their own home thread. Two stories on the same hypocrite. Thank you GOD he didn't...
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    Bill Gates

  4. aloyouis

    These people vote and determine your children's fate. Watch this. You will be saddened.
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    The corona virus

  6. aloyouis

    Forced avatar change

    ut has forced me to change my avatar if I wish to keep posting in the football forums. So here is the new one. I love it.
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    Wind Farms

  8. aloyouis

    Watson... What is actually happening (poll)

    I am curious what people think is going on down there.
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Be safe out there today/tonight! This is my favorite.
  10. aloyouis

    Biden decline even more rapid?

    Is this happening faster than we even thought or was or was it hidden in the basement with him? This is a really serious issue folks. It isn't one to be glossed over. Where is the main stream media on this? For those who voted for Biden for Biden or voted for Biden to be against against...
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    It is the Economy, Stupid...

    "It's the economy, stupid" - James Carville
  12. aloyouis

    Impending border crisis...

    Two Democrat U.S. lawmakers warned this week that President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda will be a disaster for the U.S. and both specifically mentioned human smugglers who know how to work the system for their financial benefit.
  13. aloyouis

    The destruction of the American societal fabric

    Just how much of our history will be demeaned, destroyed and canceled by people that have only a political agenda? There is greatness on the left and right that must be protected must be preserved...
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    never mind

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    Biden is 100% able to be president...Trust them.

    View: Maybe not...
  16. aloyouis

    Wall Street these days....

    Love Charles! He is spot on in his analysis.
  17. aloyouis

    Law Enforcement appreciation thread

    I used to travel weekly or more for work. Coronavirus has stopped that for now. Often, because of my appearance and my continuous presence at DTW, I am mistaken for a LEO by airport/airline staff (onsite, but not in air). This would result in all kinds of weird looks, nods, etc. in...
  18. aloyouis

    TERM LIMITS Yea or Nay?

    We were at a friends last night watching Brady/Bucs and the conversation turned to politics (imagine that). Sitting in the basement were: Global Account Manager (me) Special Ed Teacher (the boss) Occupational Therapist Construction Manager Healthcare Office Manager Middle School Math...
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    Soros is the enemy....

  20. aloyouis

    Scientist Warn of 5G effects No personal attacks please.