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    What was the last show you binged, and was it worth the time?

    I can't believe that it took me so long to watch it but I started The Last of Us this weekend and blasted through the whole thing. What a great show. I'm a gamer but I have never played the games. I started the first one and I just don't like the slow moving games like that where you have to...
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    So when do we get rid of the snowflakes?

    God help you if it dips below 50. Floridians will not survive in an arctic climate like that. 🥶
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    So when do we get rid of the snowflakes?

    Yep, they appear to be gone now. I'm gonna go ahead and take all the credit. :ROFLMAO:
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    So when do we get rid of the snowflakes?

    Well, we're looking at a low of 18 here on Tuesday. 😬
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    So when do we get rid of the snowflakes?

    I'll bet a few here jumped in this thread half cocked thinking this was going to be a political post. 😂 But is there a certain date when they take down the snowflakes? Or are they holding out for that one more snow no matter what that groundhog said? Or are we just that one annoying...
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    Looking at the Patriots 2024

    I don't know. I just looked and he still has New England Patriot under his name and is following their page. Now I didn't check to see if the Patriots were still following him or not. :ROFLMAO:
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    The Golf thread

    Ireland is going to be our next trip overseas. I really want to play golf while we're over there but I'm really intimidated. I'm just not good and I'm afraid that someone of my skill level would be really looked down upon there.
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    The Golf thread

    If I could find any club that I could hit 250 consistently then I would just use that club and throw the rest away. :ROFLMAO:
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    BB Planet

    The University of Nebraska is hosting a coaching clinic and our very own Bill Belichick will be the guest speaker. Even though I don't coach anymore I would sure like to attend this. View:
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    The Golf thread

    I'm glad you like it. I tried it once when a local place opened up and it just wasn't for me. I felt like it was more of an interactive video game than just golf (which I guess it basically is). I'm fine with just waiting until the weather gets nice enough. I'm on such a low level that I...
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    Happy Valentines Day in 2024,

    I always get the wife flowers for Valentine's day even though she insists that I don't get her anything. This year it just so happened that Fat Tuesday happened the day before Valentine's so I decided to throw her a curveball. She is crazy about Mardi Gras and everything New Orleans so I got...
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    Super Bowl LVIII game thread.

    Just fucking insane. I had friends and family at the parade. I've heard from most of them. One of them didn't even know what had happened.
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    Super Bowl LVIII game thread.

    Mahomes really has had an impressive run but Brady really didn't transform into "Goat" Brady until he hit his 30s and then he was a completely different QB. Longevity is the key and I don't know that Mahomes's play style is very conducive to a long playing career.
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    Super Bowl LVIII game thread.

    Welp, I hated that but not as much as I thought I would. The bar stayed open a little later so I was cool with that. 😂
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    The Official Real Life Happens PP Member Support Thread

    Great news!! Here's hoping for more great news.
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    BB HC Watch

    I always kind of liked Washington (something about the uniforms) but this would definitely get me watching even more of their games
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    Random Football News - 2024

    I turned on the Pro Bowl flag football game just to check it out since I didn't watch it last year. This is actually pretty entertaining. 🤷‍♂️
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    Carl Weathers RIP

    Manliest damn handshake ever. 😂
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    The Patriots' 2024 Off Season Thread

    I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if Krafty Bob kept him around as a reclamation project to somehow try to rub it in Bill's face.