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  1. Patriots44


    it isn't, but if he can park his ass under our net and get a few blocks to give horford a quick break, that's better then Kornet although I had a though that they put Kornet in and tell him to hard foul anyone that comes to the rim. take three fouls... out and Horford back in, then later come...
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    Aaron Rogers Pool

    A-Rodge gotta A-Rodge.... I can only imagine what the NY Media is making of all this (too lazy to go look)
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    I think if C's lose game 3 he's in for game 4. if they win game 3 he's out game 4 and (* if C's lose game 4 then possibly in for game 5 back home) (nba do 2-2-1-1-1 or 2-3-2 ?)
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    Official PatriotsPlanet Girlie Pic Thread

    I see… P44 in the woods looking for his ball again.
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    Happy Birthday, Mark Henderson!

    Happy Birthday! :toast:
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    What foods did you hate as a kid but love now?

    seafood. didn't eat fish except tuna from a can until my 20's And I guess it's the slow time of year that threads like this are born :coffee: j/k - fun topic. :)
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    if C's can win when shooting that poorly on 3's, and I saw the return of the "give a ways" (but not as bad as previous years) you have to feel pretty good. still, lets see how it goes in Dallas. Kyrie gagging is always a plus.
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    Boston Bruins hockey

    Checked out when I first got up this AM and just now, and still nothing on the Stanley Cup on the headlines part, and as I scroll down I only found a story about Dofin's coach Mike McDaniel getting the crowd pumped for Game 1 (guess he was the "bang the drum" or "ring the bell" or...
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    The Golf thread

    Seems like golf is Schefflers world right now and others are playing for second (money pretty damn good for 2nd,3rd,etc too)
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    Happy Birthday, John Locke!

    Happy birthday! :toast:
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    Boston Bruins hockey

    Is this the right place to talk Stanley cup finals? Bobrovsky is gonna be the difference in this series, but florida did what florida does and this might be a short series As someone on sports talk said, Florida plays like you wish your team could (warning that might have been Felger but i...