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  1. !B34NT0WN!

    Predict the Cassel-led offense

    i think he will ... just modified a little bit, run some screens and dip and dunk ... run the pound game up the middle, bait the jets weak CB's and drop it to Randy DEEP !!! I know he was p*ss poor in the preseason, but remember that game in (i wanna say 06) against the dolphins when he almost...
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    I'll Bet Favre is kicking himself now

    I believe you might've heard it on Mike and Mike on ESPN, Golic was talking about how he was sure Farve would do something like that. He definitely said it in a joking manner. Check out this link from SI, with Peter King as the writer. I was going to start a thread and saw this one ... it...
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    "Tommy The Great"

    never ... he has mental problems man ... kinda like Brick Tamland a.k.a. Steve Carrell in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy". I bet D even eats big red candles and sticks mayonaisse in the toaster too ...ROFL
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    "Tommy The Great"

    okay, moss consistied of 23 TD's ... what about the other 27, what about the yards, the the rating, the avg gain and the best completion percentage in the NFL? i mean come on dude, don't harp on one thing, answer the questions instead of having verbal (or typing) diarrhea. by the way, in Tom...
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    Really? Who knew?

    seriously, what is wrong with you? you must have a very sad life ... want a digital hug? a digital shoulder to cry on? or do you do all of that in your favorite game "Second Life"?:bhump:
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    "Tommy The Great"

    2007 NFL Offensive Statistics per ProFootball Weekly magazine Total yards/game: NE #1 Passing yards/game: NE #1 Avg Gain/Pass Play: NE #1 First Downs: NE #1 Avg Gain/Offensive Play: NE #1 Tom Brady 4806 yards (68.9% completion), 50 TD's 8 INT's 117.2 Rating Everyone Else (top 10, both...
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    yeah, don't like your posts or the way you piggy back on D22 most of the time .. didn't realize...

    yeah, don't like your posts or the way you piggy back on D22 most of the time .. didn't realize how the "rep" worked on the site, so I was trying to hide i just didn't feel like filling anything out. so there you go, my bad for not posting a comment, but not sorry for negative repping you ...douche
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    Weis Bombing at Notre Dame?

    i've have to agree, one thing about being a red sox fan is having faith. but i'm not blind, whether it was coaching ie: poor prep, inadequate use of appropriate personnel or whatever, this will be his year. the whole team is his, players he recruited and coached from the get go. if he doesn't...
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    Really? Who knew?

    maybe if he put as much effort into football as he has at sh1tty football analysis and yummy ole NutriSystem he could've won a SB, or at least gotten there again :clap::jester::clap:
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    Something for D22

    AMEN brotha >) the better you are, the more media scrutiny, the more media scrutiny the harder it is to stay under the radar. and all those old teams would get beat on by the new teams, the players are stronger, bigger, faster ... no one talks about the old teams because they are old news...
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    Really? Who knew?

    i want to know how you know no other coach cheated or no complaints were filed, where do you go to check this? do you think its because the "Media" said so? how come there weren't so many more outspoken players/coaches about this horrible violation? that's what I want to know, you make it seem...
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    9-year-old is banned from mound for too-fast fastball

    all i have to say is I completely agree (and then i have to say a little bit more) ... i agree with almost all points made in this thread, but 1st and foremost the BS in america. not only did this get blown out of proportion, unless something "good ole boy" like was trying to go down with town...
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    "Tommy The Great"

    just a quick question for the Sean Salisbury of the Assclown Asylum ... did Adam Vinateri kick us into position to kick the game winning FG's? I was just wondering, because I thought that Tom Brady stood behind center calling the shots, i am almost sure he made the reads, the throws, the...
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    "Tommy The Great"

    all the crap you spit out about how "bad" Tom Brady is yet you make points for everyone to throw back at you at your "Super Duper Dan". Check the bold, and then continue reading ... I would rather Tom Brady threw for 1000 yards a season, never had a single record whatsoever, and still had those...
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    "Tommy The Great"

    Brady's recieving corps from 2001 to present: 2001: Troy Brown, Fred Coleman, Bert Emanuel, Terry Glenn, Curtis Jackson, Charles Johnson, David Patten, Terrence Small 2002: Deion Branch, Troy Brown, Fred Coleman, David Givens, Donald Hayes, David Patten, 2003: Deion Branch, David Patten, David...
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    What Will U Do If Cassel Has A Monster Game Tomorrow Nite?

    all i have to say, even though I was rooting for the PATS, i'm so glad i will not be changing my sons name to Matt Cassel or Matt Chad
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    i have no idea, i remember your name and am pretty sure that I positive repped you ... i like...

    i have no idea, i remember your name and am pretty sure that I positive repped you ... i like most of what you post, nothing i take offense to anyways. i had no reason to ... can i positive rep and fix the problem?
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    Patriotsplanet Word Association Thread

  19. !B34NT0WN!

    Patriotsplanet Word Association Thread

    Sidney Prescott