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  1. Stevo

    Tom Brady and the economics of Football

    In Many ways this thread us just another “Tom Brady is the greatest” thread that I have no doubt have been posted a thousand times before. The purposes of this topic is to a verbalise an idea that’s been rolling around in my head since the Superbowl The central thesis is this: Tom Brady is...
  2. Stevo

    Rob Ryan, next Jets Offensive Coordinator? If we just hold hands and wish hard enough dreams can come true (I say OC because Rex said he looking for some one to run the offense his way, which I'm assuming means shittily with a lot more talk then...
  3. Stevo

    So are the pats going to activate ocho for the Superbowl

    Part of me says yes in a good will gesture (IE you kept your stupid mouth shut all year) and part of me says no because "Tiquan" is out performing you
  4. Stevo

    I'm having a hard time believing that these events are coicidences and then a day later Yep....a very hard time
  5. Stevo

    Meriweather in the Probowl? Seriously?

    Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Brandom Meriweather. But I do not think he has had a probowl year. I mean, what is that based on?
  6. Stevo

    Alvin Greene wins South Carolina's senate Primary

    Has anybody else heard anything about this? But then oh wait
  7. Stevo

    Shawn Crable - The Messiah..?(!)..(;)

    God I hope so Let's look at it, the Patriots OLB in a Nutshell Tully Banta-Cain Adalius Thomas Pierre Woods Let's be honest, that would be a pretty week kick off coverage team Tully has been the best, but still not great, serviceable is probably the most appropriate description. Thomas has...
  8. Stevo

    Uninsured American able to recieve hight quality health care at a reasonable price

    Lucky me right? When I graduated my insurance lapsed and I'm still job searching so, no insurance for me. Anyway, my throat started hurting a week ago with and the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck seemed inflamed. I finally broke down and went to the wall-mart clinic today...
  9. Stevo

    Central America - the same old story

    Man seizes power, then holds public elections....rival political party wins, then the man steps down at the end of his term Actually that's a new twist It's looking increasingly likely that Honduras has taken on the whole world and...
  10. Stevo

    OT: Will provide entery level Mechanical Engineering services for Casino Cash.

    Jaric wiped me out :( also, since I'm an unemployed recent college graduate so I might as use my degree to benefit me in some way. Fields I know something about (a very little something) HVAC Fluid Mechanics Power Plant Design Heat Transfer My rates are reasonable* *reasonable being a highly...
  11. Stevo

    I give Maroney an A-

    Here's a list of his runs YDS 10 5 9 1 TD 4 7 0 1 1 5 5 3 6 3 0 9 4 2 1 6 Taking out the 1 TD run, which ironically counts against a RB, his YPC were 4.26 A Breakdown of his Runs 0 Yards: 2 1-2: 4 3: 2 4-5: 5 >5: 6 71% of his runs went for 3 yards and up He had...
  12. Stevo

    The White House taken to task

    by...Camelia Paglia? I've got to thank Steve-o for showing me her website, and it's a good read.
  13. Stevo

    It's time we start increasing the taxes on the people inflating our healthcare cost

    I'm referring of course, to none smokers :mad: senselessly driving up the cost of medicare and health insurance premiums! Apparently people who die young cost less to support Taxes...
  14. Stevo

    OT: How I would change base ball to make it interesting

    Two Changes 1. Balls hit out of the park would only count as a double 2. Trim down the amount of pitchers allowed on a roster to 6 Baseball irritates the hell out of me you could probably trim down the actual time spent on plays to 5 minutes to make a recap my rules changes will have two...
  15. Stevo

    Does anybody else still get a little sick when Tom Petty comes on?

    I just heard him on the radio and I had to turn it off a whole artist just ruined for me (not that I was in love with him) He just gives me such terrible flash backs now
  16. Stevo

    My problem with the stimulus package

    setting aside the philosophical argument on whether government can actually stimulate anything (it can't) Let's look at the actually package (sorry about linking to the Houston conservative for info, I couldn't find it any...
  17. Stevo

    Entirely Stupid Superbowl Stats

    There is one teamed with a religious theme Saints They have won no Super Bowls They're are 4 teams named after cats, Bengals Jaguars Panthers Lions none have ever won a Superbowl There are five teams named after birds Falcons Cardinals Eagles Ravens Seahawks They have combined to win 1...
  18. Stevo

    The Economic Landscape: An uneducated internet troll's perspective

    I'm a simple man, I like simple things. The current economic model is extremely complicated, so I'm going to try and break down. I will be using one simple principal, what was true 10,000 years ago is true today. 10,000 Years Ago It could be argued (by me if no one else) that the first...
  19. Stevo

    I think I dry heaved a little

    - President Obama Compared to -Karl Marx So is the nation supposed to Favor? the unprosperous? is that the way a nation prosperous? from taking what others have earned and distributing it to those that have earned nothing? My deepest condolences Ms. Rand, I believe that Looters may have...
  20. Stevo

    Are we only one year away from a good secondary?

    Seriously though Meriweather - He has really, really filled Rodney's shoes well, more and more he seems like he may actually be an upgrade over Rodney. He's calling schemes well, he seems to be doing fairly well in coverage, and he's fast as hell. Whilhite- Played very well in the last two...