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  1. HSanders

    The corona virus

    surprise level=0.
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    Random Football News

    i agree far as ever thinking for a NANOSECOND they wanted jones over lance.
  3. HSanders

    Politics and Religion Complaints thread

    I think it would be fair to post that awful fb comment w/name redacted. when you say things like that, it's only fair to have to back them up. i don't go on there, but i believe i remember it from when i did.
  4. HSanders

    Election Fraud

    i didn't take what patsload said as smug or nasty. he's pretty even keeled. i think he was just making a point, whether you agree or not.
  5. HSanders

    If you could remove one thing from Earth, what would it be?

    The Ravens...😁 kidding sort of
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    Political Humor

  7. HSanders

    Political Humor

  8. HSanders

    The 2021 Patriots' Preseason Camp

    If you put him inside,losing contain would be less of an issue. maybe he'd be a good a/b gap rusher/blitzer?
  9. HSanders

    Let’s understand how we came to our understandings and views

    Good topic. i'll post after i think about it more. for now, i can say there are negative influences that can actually influence one positively( to NOT be like them).
  10. HSanders

    Belichicodered Press Conference: 2021 OTA edition

    love it hawgie, so glad these are back! so true on bb and the mask!😄
  11. HSanders

    The corona virus

    @a, there are a lot of good people who are fearful of this. some with better reason than others. part of intelligence is intellectual curiosity and logic.. if you are a believer in the shots and have had them, and have no great level of immunocompromisation how is that level of fear justifiable...
  12. HSanders

    The price increase thread how much and why

    holy crap, that's gigantic!
  13. HSanders

    Critical Race Theory

    see...true parental involvement and choice is another reason no sensible way of public "education" will ever be adopted even if we leave the tax system as its funding.imagine if schools had to compete for your tax dollars via a voucher system? they couldn't live in their pie in the sky do...
  14. HSanders

    The price increase thread how much and why

    our labor costs haven't gone up as of yet(when we hire contractors) materials? of course. though...we use a lot of the same companies a lot. could be a function of keeping our relationship by leaving labor costs static so higher material costs won't be as huge of a blow. plus these contractors...
  15. HSanders

    The price increase thread how much and why

    i've been shocked by some of the increases i've seen/ experienced recently. i figured this would turn political quickly so i am putting it here. i also consider it an increase when a quantity is made smaller but priced the same as the larger size. this has happened with a myriad of things, but i...
  16. HSanders

    Random Football News

    that was great, chevss! thanks for sharing. i ❤ me some Scar.
  17. HSanders

    Random Football News

    DEF the ravens. they've been spanked multiple times for this.
  18. HSanders

    Name an invention you wish existed

    i don't like that idea because computer driven cars are hackable.
  19. HSanders

    Politics and Religion Complaints thread

    i haven't noticed anyone missing?