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    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    So there was an assassin who charged $10,000 a bullet A guy comes up to him in the bar one day and says, "Are you the guy who charges $10,000 a bullet?" "Yup." "What if you miss?" He looks at the man, deadly serious. "I don't miss..." "Okay, well I've got $20,000. I just found out my wife...
  2. OSUBuckeye

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    A kid is playing video games in his room, minding his own business. His mother walks in. "Honey, come meet my new boyfriend!" "I'm kind of busy right now. Can you bring him in here instead?" A minute or so later, her boyfriend walks in. "Hey, champ! How you doing?" The kid ignores him. "Don't...
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    The catch all Racism Thread

    Emphasis on vile.
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    The corona virus

    Still won’t get it.:shrug-n2:
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    Critical Race Theory

    So as always you have no idea what you’re talking about. Shocking.
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    Random Football News
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    Greatest Live Songs And Albums Of All-Time

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    Happy Birthday, johnlocke!

    Happy Birthday,JL. Hope it awesome!
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    College Football Covid edition

    Arch Manning in a Clemson shirt throwing a dime must be giving all the other schools major heartburn.
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    Start telling me how a Biden Admin. is going to be teh bomb.

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    Nostalgic Music Thread

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    Nostalgic Music Thread

    Michael Hutchence had the whole 80's rock look going on. Saw them in 88 I think & the ladies where flat out going wild over him.
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    The corona virus

    Just in case he doesn't know the meaning
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    Julio Jones

    I just think when he gets right down to the nut cutting that the Titans will end up with Jones.
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    The corona virus

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    Adam Vinatieri Call It Quits

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    Julio Jones

    So, who is?
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    What's for dinner?

    Mad Jacks Grill & Pub.