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  1. Joe

    NFL conducting ?comprehensive? Peyton Manning investigation

    Doesn't it just sound so unfair? Yeah, I know. Oh well!
  2. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    I'm thinking the "tank" part of the post revolves around the vanilla gameplan if I'm reading this all correctly. Reeeeeeeeeaaaaad the OP
  3. Joe

    Crap, bland UK band to ruin Superbowl by playing at halftime

    I threw some flags. I threw some flags forrrr you. Oh what a thing to do. Yea they were all yellow. :coffee:
  4. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    Read the actual post instead of the title
  5. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    Brady, and to quote you, "Billacheat" Get fvcked
  6. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    The thing is nobody, even your own fans, thinks any of it had anything to do with them winning 4 Super Bowls. They just say it because it's the closest they can do to invalidate it, which is the closest thing to pretending it never happened.
  7. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    Yea right, all I have to do is take a look at the "Are the Patriots victimized by the refs" to know there isn't a shot in hell at that. "Mix it up a bit" my ass
  8. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    Funny, at least the Patriots have won the Super Bowl after DeflateGate and SpyGate. The Broncos* haven't won anything since they were caught cheating. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. Joe

    HBO's "Game of Thrones"

    I can't find it anywhere, but there is a scene in South Park where the entire episode leads to the kids watching the latest Terrence and Philip trailer on TV. Then it's like a 10 second trailer of farting and the kids look disappointed for a half second before cheering and talking about how...
  10. Joe

    Pick ONE player from Pats past

    Right now, at this point in the season...Kevin Faulk
  11. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    Go jerk yourself off with your other delusionally retarded fanbase on OrangeMane. I'm sure you can make Patriots thread #9 this week over there. You guys are obsessed with us
  12. Joe

    Dear Refs: Go **** Yourselves

    Not true. I think fans will be fans now and forever and will always make excuses. Doesn't mean sportsmanship is dead. I don't think the Patriots players are poor sports when they lose
  13. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    We've seen those WTF offensive gameplans plenty of times before in the Brady-McDaniels era though. The ones where it seems like Brady focuses on one or two receivers and tries to force it to them
  14. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    They don't have to be mutually exclusive. If you want to move on to Philly here you go :)
  15. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    I agree. They didn't have any other choice but to play a dumbed down version of the playbook. Though, I'm not so sure that version of the playbook should have included throwing deep to Scott Chandler down the sideline almost every other play
  16. Joe

    We ain't winning the Superbowl.

    Why don't you shove it, your bump got me a few negative reps for one of my not-so-best moments here just kidding
  17. Joe

    Did Bill "tank" the Denver game?

    To humor the idea that they gave less than their all, it could be that they fully expect to see the team again in the playoffs. Why not go balls out against someone like the Jaguars when you know they won't see you again?
  18. Joe

    Random Jets Stuff Thread

    More like replacing Blount with Tim Dwight
  19. Joe

    Starting to get old

    Was there a board upgrade recently? Things have been running 10x smoother the past week or two