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  1. Joe

    Starting to get old

    Getting frustrating to run into these error messages at every other thread Unable to add cookies, header already sent. File: /home/patriots/public_html/BB/includes/class_core.php Line: 3254 It's at about 50% of the time. And if I get the error I have to find another way to navigate into the...
  2. Joe

    The 3 Games to Glory DVD

    I mean, I hate to say it...but...this sucks. The entire blu-ray (or at least the first 35 minutes I've watched on the first disk) seems to just be slow-motion, zoomed up replays of every single play that happened with the play-by-play audio. Is there more to this DVD than just that? I would...
  3. Joe

    The Joe Cardona thread

    I mean honestly, have you ever seen a more exciting highlight reel for a long snapper? I'm legitimately pretty damn stoked about this pick. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> And I promise my last name...
  4. Joe

    Video Games Thread

    I'm almost certain that it's a very small demographic here, but wanted to get a thread started for anyone here into video games. Outside of Patriots football this is my biggest/only hobby or interest. Got a pretty decent collection of games on Xbox One, with my eyes on a few more coming out this...
  5. Joe

    Feel like getting goosebumps?

    In my opinion it's never too early to reminisce. Remember this video Brady posted on his Facebook, in the midst of all the deflate gate drama. I get chills every time I watch it. I moved to Boston in early October and the first game I watched was the Chiefs game. It felt like it really was the...
  6. Joe

    Friendly reminder that this exists

    That is all. :coffee:
  7. Joe

    Today's Super Bowl sendoff

    Anybody know where we can find a stream of it? Wish I could go but got too much stuff going on at work to devote 2-3 hours to this thing (with all the people who will surely be clogging up the T).
  8. Joe

    Who catches Brady's 6th TD?

    Well, the arrogant Sheattle Cheathawks fans, with their crispy, 1 year old jerseys, are running polls about which defender on the PEDHawks gets their first pick-six. Which got me thinking. Who do you all think will be the recipient of Brady's 6th passing touchdown of the game? :coffee:
  9. Joe

    If the season ended today: Week 11

    Current standings: 1. Patriots (8-2) 2. Broncos (7-3) 3. Bengals (6-3-1) 4. Colts (6-4) 5. Chiefs (7-3) 6. Steelers (7-4) One of the biggest take aways from this weekend is how you figure that the Patriots would have put more distance between them at the number 1 seed and the next team...
  10. Joe

    If (only) the season ended today: Week 9

    1. New England (7-2) 2. Denver (6-2) 3. Cincinnati (5-2-1) 4. Indianapolis (6-3) 5. Pittsburgh (6-3) 6. Kansas City (5-3) Let's hope our boys can bring the same intensity through the remaining tough stretch of the schedule. I like our chances against all the teams when you look at everything...
  11. Joe

    If the season ended today (which it doesnt) AFC -- Week 8

    If the season ended today, which it doesn't (smartasses) here's how the AFC playoff picture looks: 1. Broncos 6-1 2. Patriots 6-2 3. Bengals 4-2-1 4. Colts 5-3 5. Chargers 5-3 Over Buffalo due to conference record 6. Bills 5-3 Over Baltimore due to strength of victory Next week's game is going...
  12. Joe

    If the season ended today -- Week 7

    I was watching the games today and had to double check team records to see who to root against. The Patriots still have a decent shot at a #1 seed but they've gotta make it through the gauntlet coming up. For the sake of argument let's say the Broncos win tonight: AFC: 1. Broncos (5-1) 2...
  13. Joe

    Watching the SB in NOLA?

    So I'm a little bit of a loser in the sense that all of my best friends are scattered around the damn world, and don't have many living near me that would be willing to hit up a bar in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Anybody here live in the area? I'm a half hour east of Pensacola and plan on...
  14. Joe

    Fantasy Decision of All Decisions

    So I happened to pick up Lesean McCoy when he was out for a couple of weeks due to his concussion right before the playoffs started in case I made it to the Championship Game... WELL WEEK 16 IS HERE, AND SO AM I, BITCHES! I'm in a bit of a dilemma, here's the lineup I've had that got me to...
  15. Joe

    So uhh, how's the job market in MA?

    So I'll be separating from the military (by choice) in the summer of 2014, and really all I'll have going for me is a few certifications and an Associates equivalent in computer sciences, along with a Top Secret clearance. Anybody got any tips on how to make myself more competitive? I'll be...
  16. Joe

    Missing the DVR...

    So I'm gonna miss probably the first half of the game and some of the 3rd quarter, and I'd LOVE to watch the whole game start to finish. I don't have DVR (don't use cable at all except for internet). Anybody know where I can record the whole game online or watch it somewhere from the beginning...
  17. Joe

    FF Question: Moss or Maclin?

    I searched for an extensive time of about 3 seconds for a FF forum and didn't immediately find one so if there is one please move it there. Or kick me in the gooch and tell me to go create a new thread there. I got Moss in as my flex WR (A. Johnson and V. Jackson in the other two spots) and...
  18. Joe

    Blow to the head for a QB

    When was this rule instated? I can't find it anywhere.
  19. Joe

    Reason #3289 why BB is better than RR It is that time a year again–the weather gets a little colder and we look forward to spending time with loved ones around a decorated tree or a bountiful dinner table enjoying each...
  20. Joe

    You know what I hate about Madden?

    It is (DUH) so damn unrealistic. Driving down the field tied 10-10 with just 1:30 left in the game vs the Ravens, I run the ball from the Ravens 15 yard line right towards the endzone with Lawfirm, and what happens? HE FUMBLES AT THE 1 YARD LINE. Not only did he fumble, but HELLO, he fumbled in...