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    2001 Tuck Rule Game

    For those of you that have nothing to watch, the NFL Network is replaying the '01 playoff game against Oakland right now.
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    Happy B-day!!! NJ#1PATSFAN & stephenju

    I hope you guys have a nice day on your birthday NJ#1PATSFAN and stephenju.:thumb:
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    Jets/Pats Game Thread

    I can't wait for kickoff. Let's Go Pats!!!:Patriots:
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    Game Thread

    Let's go Pats!!!:Patriots:
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    Game Thread

    Let's go Pats!!!:Patriots:
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    Game thread

    Let's go Pats! Here's to a good game and a win.:thumb:
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    2006-2007 Boston Celtics/NBA Thread

    I'm really excited for the Celtics season. I know they are not a championship caliber team but they are exciting. Who knows, maybe Red can pull some strings, where ever he is. I can't wait for today's game. A tribute to Red, Paul Pierce and the C's, and one of my favorite players in Peja...
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    Game Thread

    Let's go Patriots!!!
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    Game thread

    Let's go Pats!!!:thumb:
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    1000 post

    I finally got to my 1000 post.:dance:
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    Just heard that A-Rod the MVP. I can't believe it.
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    Opening Night

    Is anybody excited for the Celtics? I can't wait to see the way the young guys play. But I am more excited to see Ricky Davis. :Celtics:
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    Gold Glove

    Congrats to Varitek for getting a Gold Glove. I wonder when was the last time a Red Sox player got a Gold Glove? :thumb:
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    Is anybody pumped up over the Bruins first game on Wednesday?:Bruins:
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    Sox Opening Day Ring Ceremony

    Red Sox Rings What's up with the owners not wanting to present the Red Sox rings in the home opener against the Yankees. After 86 years of not winning and the Yankees always beating us, I think the rings should be presented in front of the Yankees and rub it in their face. That would be...
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    Vinatieri AFC Speciel Teams Player of Week

    Adam Vinatieri was named the special teams player of the week and I just wanted to say congrats because he deserved it. Not only did have a couple of field goals but he through for that touchdown which put him over the top. :Patriots: :Redsox: :Pat: