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  1. foobahl

    LoCast is gone, now what

    I have been using LoCast for a long time for local channels. With them ceasing operations what are my free or low cost options for local channels. The only cable type of service I can get is satellite (spotty at best). Comcast will not service our street.
  2. foobahl

    Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

    Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels January 16th, 2021 at 2:15pm CST by Sam Robinson After an unusually quiet start to his offseason, Josh McDaniels will be part of this year’s HC interview circuit after all. The Patriots OC will meet with the Eagles about their top coaching job, Bo Wulf and Zac...
  3. foobahl

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    A fantastic showman and a true american patriot.
  4. foobahl

    Wilhite IR hammie DBs getting thinner all the time. Hopefully Page is ready for a bigger role.
  5. foobahl

    McCourty injury not too serious

    per Rappaport. I will not link the herald though.
  6. foobahl

    pats sign dt lewis

    former 1st rounder damaoine(sp) lewis signs with NE. seen on pft
  7. foobahl

    I Favred it!

    I was changing the thermostat on my car. I was all but done, just had to pick up the tools, start the car and check for leaks. For good measure, I decided to give the bolt just 1 more crank and SNAP, I Favred the thermostat housing bolt. Favreisms should become part of everyday american language.
  8. foobahl

    I expect to see

    a heavy dose of faulk possibly in the slot and rb screens to maroney in order to open up moss and watson for deep slants, just know where reed is.
  9. foobahl

    why not start hoyer

    seeing as how brady and company start fast and finish slow lately, why not sit them for the first half and let them finish the game, possibly having to make a comeback? that would seem to be a better tune up for the playoffs.
  10. foobahl

    Crennel as DC

    Am I the only one who thinks the pats should bring back Romeo as DC. He did an admirable job last time around with them. It would also follow the career path of BB. Doing this would allow BB more time with the offense. I have always wanted to see Troy come back in some sort of coaching role.