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    ***** Adopt-A-Patriot 2007 *****

    Those sigs look awesome DW. I think I will stick with Asante - at least until he gets traded :banghead:
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    Hotel suggestions?

    We stayed here: Harbourside Inn Of Boston last November. Hotel was fine with a great location for sightseeing in Boston. There was a T station right outside (the line to/from Logan airport). Not a good area for parking though. We just rented a car for one day for a 1 pm. game. Picked it up at...
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    Watching games online

    You just have to download and install the players (Sopcast, TVUPlayer and TVants). I never tried TVants but I´ve installed Sopcast and TVUPlayer without any problems. I´ve never heard about **them** coming to get anybody for using this. Someone told me its legal to watch the streams but illegal...
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    Watching games online

    Here is another one:
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    Player Jersey's- which ones do you have?

    I also have a Seymour home and just ordered a Bruschi home. Usually I only wear them during games either at home or at a sports bar.
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    Confidence is high at IndyStar

    Definitely Brady - Manning would make a nice backup :D
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    The Nation hates us. Colts Karma

    It was fun while it lasted, but no way we win this one. This is the year of the Colts who wins it all. During the offseason there will be nothing but Manning commercials on tv :banghead: Manning boys 345 Classless Pats 2
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    We are the all time bores of the NFL

    Well the poll said: What do you think of the Patriots? * 6829 responses 16% I hate them 17% They're good, but am kinda sick of seeing them win 63% Great team and amazing to watch 3.7% Who cares? So I guess the public does not agree.
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    What's your fine. . .?

    520.60 Hey I have no problem with that.
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    Don't count out the Pats!

    I must have misses something. I thought you guys had already won the game :confused:
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    Don't count out the Pats!

    The keywords here are: Last year when the Pats were missing 5 guys on defense and some of the worst players that the Patriots have had during the resent year had to take their place. I´m not even going to mention their names because that would make me :Eason: Anyway last season meens nothing...
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    Can you name the Chargers that have been arrested this year?

    I think Jonathan Sullivan was arrested last summer shortly after becoming a Patriots player. Something about speeding and listening to loud music. The police stopped him and found some pot and a handgun in his car. Anyway he wasn´t a Pats player for long.
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    Brady is Feeling some disprespect

    So maybe we should play Cassel this week just to keep it fair.
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    Thanks for a great 2006, the shocking end is here. Chargers Karma

    Just forget about it. Start thinking about the draft. LT 678 Pats 2
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    Seymour on ESPN just said

    I heard a rumour today that Marty would get fired if the Chargers dont win the Super Bowl since this would be seen as a sign that the guy just cant get it done (he is 5 - 12 in the playoff). Have anyone heard more about this? If true maybe he will panic a little.
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    Assuming Victory, pick your poison

    I voted Colts. Ravens are a better team and would be tougher to beat IMO. Baltimore will win against the Colts though. Anyway it doesn´t really matter since there is no chance in h€ll the Pats will win on Sunday (karma).
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    Don't count out the Pats!

    :Homer: How come the Chargers have given up 4.1 point more per game with a weaker schedule if they have the edge on both front 7 and secondary? :huh: On scoring defense the Pats are #2 in the league and the Chargers are #7. On total defense the Pats are #6 and the Chargers are #10. A proven 3...
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    Giants want to talk to Pioli

    This is great news: Giants blog. If he wont leave for the Giants I dont think he will leave for anybody :thumb:
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    NFL regular season game in Europe next year

    Story from BTW Danish television interviewed Robert Kraft about it. He said (my translation): "We hope they (the Europeans) will enjoy and understand the game and that they will pick a favorite team and follow the games on tv. All countries have a possibility to compete for these games...