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    Sad news again

    Kevin Faulk's 19 year old daughter passed away this morning.
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    RIP David Patton

    Died yesterday in a motorcycle accident. RIP .
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    Russ Francis

    Happy Birthday. 73 years today. One of the greatest tight ends in Patriots history.
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    Good advice and life hacks

    Haven't seen a thread for this. Anyone have any advice or life hacks to pass along?
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    Suicide picks

    Season starts this Thursday night anyone plan on starting a contest this year. Would think it would be one tough year to pick. Could see a lot of dropouts in the early weeks.
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    Steve Grogan

    Happy Birthday. 67 today.
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    Eliminator challange

    Season starts this Thursday. Does anybody plan on running or playing the game this year?
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    RIP Jo Jo White

    Former Celtic great Job Jo White dead at the age of 71. Rest in peace.
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    Greg Hardy

    Cowboys don't plan on resigning him. Do you think any other team will sign this cancer? Yes he can rush the passer and he is only 27.
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    Romantic gestures

    With V-Day just around the corner thought I would start a thread to give other members some ideas to put a little spark or surprise in your significant others life.So what do you do on a regular basis for your better half? Myself every Sunday I go out and pick up a romantic greeting card for my...
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    The greatest thing.

    I'm sure just about every one has heard that saying "the greatest thing since sliced bread" Got me to wondering what was the greatest thing before sliced bread came along?:shrug_n:
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    Don't know if this has been posted anywhere. Our boy Mort of ESPN has throat cancer. Don't wish this on anyone but Karma is a bitches.
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    Fumbled punts

    I've been thinking about this and someone tell me if I'm wrong or if this might have anything to do at all with all the dropsies we have been having in the punt return portion of special teams. Ok correct me if I am wrong. Does ou punter punt with his left foot? If so he practices with special...
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    Amendola to play

    Great news on the injury front. They start coming back one at a time and we are good to go come playoffs.
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    So is God a Pats fan ?

    This cloud formation was spotted over New England the day of the Pats Phins game.
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    Kicking game appreciation thread

    Read a blurb in the San Antonio sports page. The Ghost has made 425 straight extra points. Damn does anyone even remember the last time he missed? Pure money. Remember how a lot of us pissed and moaned when Adam V took the money and ran off to join the forehead and the dolts. We drafted the...
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    Anybody plan on starting an Eliminator challenge game this year?
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    Double Mint Twins

    Peyton and Eli both go down today. Manning faces galore. Not to put the cart before the horse but home field thru out the playoffs is ours for the taking. All we have to do is take this game tonight and then we control our own destiny. Lets go Pats lets keep this train rolling.
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    Manning face

    Donks down early today. 10-0. Can the Rams keep it up ?
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    Ryan Mallet

    Starting today for the Texans. I forget what we got for him in the way of draft picks. Does our pick improve by how much he plays or performs ?