a sex thread

  1. ParanoidPatriot

    Who stays - who goes?

    I don't want people to think that this is an attention whore thread. Has the time for one of us to leave the Planet? And if the time has come for one of us to leave the Planet, who should stay and who should go? Some people have made some hurtful comments recently about users who have more...
  2. TBrownslady

    OT: Why you don't bring kids to the zoo

    Thankfully I have never seen any of these LOL Mods if this is too much feel free to delete it :)
  3. thomas144

    Time for some factor analysis

    Some interesting trends emerge on Patriots Planet. I have to keep reminding myself that football fans are not necessarily typical of all people.
  4. MattsPats

    MERGED - Pimp the Hoes Like Eliot: MySpace Page of "Kristen"

    According to the NY Times, this is the MySpace page of the woman who Eliot Spitzer strengthened his pimp hand with -- maybe she will add everyone from the Planet as a friend: http://www.myspace.com/ninavenetta >)
  5. southcarolina

    southcarolina's insomniac theater

    Hello, my name is southcarolina, and i am an insomniac. I work swing shifts at a large manufacturing facility and also have sleep apnea, so my sleep schedule is all kinds of F'ed up. It was suggested by one of PatriotPlanets most esteemed members (OK thats not true...it was RoadGrader) that i...
  6. Undertaker #59*

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    Just filling my stupid thread idea quota. And no, mods if you post in here and lock the thread, that's cheating. ;)
  7. Hawg73

    Official PatriotsPlanet Girlie Pic Thread

    Since our previous girlie thread was deleted in the great newsgroup purge, I am now (after being chastised by FallingAlice) officially starting one. Not sure of the rules but I believe it means no nudity and.....ummmmm.....thats about it as far as I know. And to start things off heres a pic of...