1. patsRmyboys

    Girls who FLASH are the best...

    Thought I share this little tidbit with our membered members...or course the ladies are more than welcome to read (maybe they'll get inspired). So anyway, went fishing to day with my buddy at Anclote Key, we killed 'em all day long but I digress. So we pull the boat out of the water and I'm...
  2. Michigan Dave

    OT: UCLAwesome

    Open with care at work. UCLA coeds + alcohol + underwear + an event called "undie run" = tremendous.
  3. Hawg73

    Official PatriotsPlanet Girlie Pic Thread

    Since our previous girlie thread was deleted in the great newsgroup purge, I am now (after being chastised by FallingAlice) officially starting one. Not sure of the rules but I believe it means no nudity and.....ummmmm.....thats about it as far as I know. And to start things off heres a pic of...