1. babalu87

    Defending Superbowl champions?????????

    1-2 and the 1 was against a pretty weak Titans team. Is their defense that dependent on one player? No rest for the wicked as they host the Superchargers next Sunday. Then what appears to be "easy" weeks against the Lions and Browns then TEH GUNSLINGAH!!!!!!!! comes to the City of Trois Rivers
  2. Hawg73

    Official PatriotsPlanet Girlie Pic Thread

    Since our previous girlie thread was deleted in the great newsgroup purge, I am now (after being chastised by FallingAlice) officially starting one. Not sure of the rules but I believe it means no nudity and.....ummmmm.....thats about it as far as I know. And to start things off heres a pic of...