1. The Gr8est

    The "Dictator" Makes Another Move For Our Own Good "Despite intense Republican objections, President Obama on Saturday used recess appointments to fill 15 administration posts without Senate confirmation, including Craig Becker to the...
  2. Claremonster

    What Is a Right and How Do We Know?
  3. Baron Samedi

    Obama's falling popularity

    Now that the shiny gloss is wearing that the campaign charm is getting old and people are judging the administration on it's competence and policies, what do we have? "The...
  4. dchester

    Global Warming

    OK, it's on Mars, but it still happened under Bush's watch, and as far as I can tell he's done nothing to stop it. Orbiter's Long Life Helps Scientists Track Changes on Mars New gullies that did not exist in mid-2002 have appeared on a Martian sand dune. That's just one of the surprising...