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Against all odds, that 1st SB Championship was extra special. No one believed in the Patriots except themselves.
Rules were changed bc of BB's defensive game plan against the Rams' receivers. Brilliant.


When the football went through the uprights I screamed so loud that I blacked out and fell to my knees. I have never experienced that kind of euphoria ever and that includes the Red Sox winning in 2004. When the Red Sox won in 2004, it was pretty much a given that they were not gonna be stopped after beating the Yankees four straight games.
Just listened to Mike Reiss say he was shocked at how much dysfunction there was inside Foxboro and that ppl were actually glad when Bill left. It was worse than I imagined. Reiss is not known for being a scumbag reporter.
All he has to do is look at ownership…☕
BB places so much value on special teams. I had always just taken them for granted, but he got players solely to be special team experts, picked left footed punters, and this year blocked field goals by putting a defender in motion. Amazing level of effort and detail into a previously ignored (by me anyway) aspect of the game.

Also loved how he took players from other sports, like wrestling and rugby, and turned them into really good footballers. And turned college QBs into WRs.

A visionary.
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Bill Belichick turned down Falcons coaching offer:​