Boston Bruins hockey

Linus Ullmark: 25 wins in 28 games. He broke the record for fastest to 25, a mark that was set by Tiny Thompson back in 1929-30.
He's playing the best he's ever played. swaymen is playing much better as of late, too. He hasn't let in any softies recently.
Tonight's game is a must win (for me), Montreal is the 1 team I despise the most.
I usually appreciate passionate fan bases, even of rivals, but Montreal is an exception, pure hatred, none I hate more. Ravens fans are a close second.
This team is amazing, even when Montreal had the lead I was never worried about the Bruins losing and I've felt that way since about the 2-3rd week of the season. Even when they were down 5-2 to Ottawa a while back I still thought they would come back and win. Now go beat Tampa tomorrow night.
Just a pleasure to watch.

Buffalo on a bit of a roll and almost caught up in GF. GA, not even close.
Chara is the perfect representation of what it means to be a Boston Bruin.
He is the best. I'm glad he stayed in Boston after his playing days. I hope he ends up working for the team in some capacity.
Did anybody watch krejci at 1000 on nesn? It was excellent. If you haven't. Make sure to check it out.