Boston Bruins hockey

No bigger fan of Bergie than me but he is not walking back through that door.
The bruins got 3 out of a possible 4 points against the AVs. One of the best teams in hockey. Not bad.
B’s need to destroy the Habs, there’s no team I despise more than that team.
Watching the ceremony they had tonight. It brings the hate intensity back to where it was 30 years ago. I hate the habs with a passion. What a blast that game was to watch.
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Big 4-1 win against the Jets tonight, with Swayman in net. Four different goal scorers, and none named Pastrnak, for a share the wealth sort of night.
That was a solid effort, as good as we've seen all season. DeBrusk is getting on a heater, and Geekie is an animal.
That was a very nice win last night, they owned the first 2 periods but Winnipeg came out guns a blazing in the 3rd but the B's were able to withstand the pressure. That was probably one of their best wins of the season and they have another coming up tomorrow against the Canes, should be another good one at home.
The 2024 B's are a fun team to watch. I think the first time I saw them was 1955 back in the "old" Boston Garden. My dad took me for my 5th birthday and ZI remember having pasta and fresh bread in the Little Italy North End.