How are the Celtics doing currently?

Just curious, even though I don't really like watching basketball like the way I do football.
They still need bench to step up. If they want to make it back to east finals. Williams has finally stepped up as starting center
The number of games missed due to illness and/or injury this season has been astounding. They virtually NEVER play with everyone available.
Can we get any production . Besides Pritchard From last 2 draft classes.

Tragic. The idiocy of youth. Can hardly believe I made it outta those years.

There are rumors that Terrance Clarke passed away. Clarke was a promising talent from the Boston area and trained with Brown and Tatum. Always repped the city. RIP to that great young man and prayers to his family.

I remember that. Celts were cruising winning 25 out of 26 games. McHale had scored 56 points the week before versus Detroit and this was Bird's way of one uppig him, scoring 60...
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I just wish they would go after an athletic big man, this notion of having 4 small forwards and a guard is just not working.