Daily Dopamine Dump

And, JMO, S&G's best song ever.

Very strong. I tend to lean towards America and Me & Julio, but it's up there. I saw S&G in DC on their last (I think?) tour - amazing performance, and amazing storytellers. Best show I've ever seen.
LW #9 (wearing a costume police hat): Halt!

FtW: By what right do you stop me, Officer?

LW9: I'm with the FBI! F. B. I. Do you KNOW what that stands for?!?!

FtW: I do. Do YOU know what that stands for?

LW9: Um... F'dude...Bumstrummer...Idiot!

FtW: Uh...(moderately concerned that LW9 apparently doesn't know any words that start with F) I mean, when you put it like that!