Great Plays From Patriots History

Marcus Jones vs JETE. JETE tears are the most delicious in the NFL. :sad95:



GIF by SB Nation
even better than Rodney executing the pick perfectly, on his runback he then points an escorting Mike Vrabel to destroy Young Clank'n'Stein to clear the remaining pathway to the EZ :rofl:

For some reason, I couldn't find a clip of when Rodney intercepted Donovan McNabb on 2 plays in a row in the Super Bowl. The first one was called back because of a holding penalty, but then he picked him off on the next play again.
How it isn't considered the best ever is beyond me.
Agreed. And while he probably should have come out of the game for evaluation, that catch and lick he took from Kam Chancellor vs. the Seahawks was his previous top highlight.
Edelman 77 yd TD catch&run w/ an explosive assist-block from Michael Floyd

Floyd plants Lippett on the Dolphin mid field logo. Somewhere, LaDainian Tomlinson sensing a playing field logo outrage instinctively starts screaming at neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.