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Feb 8, 2005
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I'm falling asleep at the wheel. It's already that time of year for the Pick'em pool to start. Pick all the games each week against the spread and see how you stack up against the best of Patriot's Planet and my family and friends at picking games Vegas style. No money involved, just bragging rights. We've been doing this for 10 years now, and you can look back at standings from previous years. It's pretty fun and very hard. Here's the link. We are all tied for first. Let's see who stands out above the crowd after week 1.

Hopefully none of you got injured playing Grog's Pick'em this week. Well maybe a few egos were sprained, Sadly the same can't be said about some star NFL players, so adjust your picks accordingly this week.

Week 1 saw two of our automatic picks in the top three. Note to new players, every week we make 4 entries. One picks all the home teams, one picks all the away teams, another picks all the favorites, and finally one picks all the underdogs. This illustrates the complete crapshoot picking against the spread is.

Anyway to recap week 1, Away teams had the most right with 12, but since we don't count the automatic picks, former champion and perennial contender bmooney54 claims the first win of the season. Underdogs were unoffically 2nd with 10, but actual second place was a tie between defending champion Chad Massoth and 2020 champion Colton Mickilini. Several people were tied for third with 8 correct. Nice job everyone.

As always, get your picks in early as there is a game on Thursday night.

Keep on picking and grinning.

As the dust settles on another crazy weekend of NFL football, we have a winner for week 2. John Mickelini runs away from the field with 11 correct picks this week. 1 game back was the auto pick for all Underdog teams. Jeff Freeman, Col Crunch and Rachel Angel all finished 2 games back with 9 each. Nice picking everyone.

The season standings show two of the autopicks at the top. Underdogs only leads with 20 points, followed by Away Teams with 19.

The real people leaders show a 3 way tie for first with bmooney54, Colton and John Mickelini all with 17 points each. One back with 16 each are Rayna Mickelini and Chad Massoth. It's a Mickelini leaderboard!

Note: Peter Brocker finished last in week 1 & 2. Picking against the spread, that is just as hard to do as winning back to back weeks - so congratulations Peter, I guess.

Get those week 3 picks in on time so I don't have to bug you all with reminders.

Have a great day!
Stop picking your nose, make your Grog's Pick'em picks instead.

While picking your nose might be a fun pastime, picking your teams for Grog's Pick'em will be past time time if you don't get your picks in soon. About 46.762% of you have not made your picks yet. There is a game tomorrow night. Get off your phones, stop paying attention to meetings at work, get on the site, and make your picks.

That is all.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly commissioner.
Week 3 is done and we have a winner. Rachel Angle correctly picked 13 out of 16 games correctly to run away with the top spot this week. A full two games behind were her Dad - Col Crunch, her mom Patty Russell, her cousins Megan and Colton, along with unrelated Seth Edwards, all with 11 correct. Seems like that family needs a trip to Las Vegas. Rachel's 13 correct picks is the highest win total of the season so far, Nicely done.

With her win, Rachel moves into a tie for first with Colton, both sitting at 28. John Mickelini clings to 3rd with 27, with Col Crunch and Patty next with 26.

In other news, Peter B. equaled the total of his first two weeks (a 3 and 4) to score a 7 this week. He may be catching on.

Ok, take a deep breath and get ready to make your picks again. Week 4 kicks off in 2 days.

Thanks and remember, Go Patriots!