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I'm falling asleep at the wheel. It's already that time of year for the Pick'em pool to start. Pick all the games each week against the spread and see how you stack up against the best of Patriot's Planet and my family and friends at picking games Vegas style. No money involved, just bragging rights. We've been doing this for 10 years now, and you can look back at standings from previous years. It's pretty fun and very hard. Here's the link. We are all tied for first. Let's see who stands out above the crowd after week 1.

Hopefully none of you got injured playing Grog's Pick'em this week. Well maybe a few egos were sprained, Sadly the same can't be said about some star NFL players, so adjust your picks accordingly this week.

Week 1 saw two of our automatic picks in the top three. Note to new players, every week we make 4 entries. One picks all the home teams, one picks all the away teams, another picks all the favorites, and finally one picks all the underdogs. This illustrates the complete crapshoot picking against the spread is.

Anyway to recap week 1, Away teams had the most right with 12, but since we don't count the automatic picks, former champion and perennial contender bmooney54 claims the first win of the season. Underdogs were unoffically 2nd with 10, but actual second place was a tie between defending champion Chad Massoth and 2020 champion Colton Mickilini. Several people were tied for third with 8 correct. Nice job everyone.

As always, get your picks in early as there is a game on Thursday night.

Keep on picking and grinning.

As the dust settles on another crazy weekend of NFL football, we have a winner for week 2. John Mickelini runs away from the field with 11 correct picks this week. 1 game back was the auto pick for all Underdog teams. Jeff Freeman, Col Crunch and Rachel Angel all finished 2 games back with 9 each. Nice picking everyone.

The season standings show two of the autopicks at the top. Underdogs only leads with 20 points, followed by Away Teams with 19.

The real people leaders show a 3 way tie for first with bmooney54, Colton and John Mickelini all with 17 points each. One back with 16 each are Rayna Mickelini and Chad Massoth. It's a Mickelini leaderboard!

Note: Peter Brocker finished last in week 1 & 2. Picking against the spread, that is just as hard to do as winning back to back weeks - so congratulations Peter, I guess.

Get those week 3 picks in on time so I don't have to bug you all with reminders.

Have a great day!
Stop picking your nose, make your Grog's Pick'em picks instead.

While picking your nose might be a fun pastime, picking your teams for Grog's Pick'em will be past time time if you don't get your picks in soon. About 46.762% of you have not made your picks yet. There is a game tomorrow night. Get off your phones, stop paying attention to meetings at work, get on the site, and make your picks.

That is all.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly commissioner.
Week 3 is done and we have a winner. Rachel Angle correctly picked 13 out of 16 games correctly to run away with the top spot this week. A full two games behind were her Dad - Col Crunch, her mom Patty Russell, her cousins Megan and Colton, along with unrelated Seth Edwards, all with 11 correct. Seems like that family needs a trip to Las Vegas. Rachel's 13 correct picks is the highest win total of the season so far, Nicely done.

With her win, Rachel moves into a tie for first with Colton, both sitting at 28. John Mickelini clings to 3rd with 27, with Col Crunch and Patty next with 26.

In other news, Peter B. equaled the total of his first two weeks (a 3 and 4) to score a 7 this week. He may be catching on.

Ok, take a deep breath and get ready to make your picks again. Week 4 kicks off in 2 days.

Thanks and remember, Go Patriots!
Week 4 is in the books. Colton M pulls off the victory with 11 correct picks, edging his cowrker Brady D and Seth E, each notching 10 wins, Chad M and Colonel C each scored a 9 to finish 3rd.

The win pushes Colton into a 3 point lead over Rachel R, 39 to 36. Colonel C is in 3rd with 35, followed by Patty R and John M in 4th with 34 each.

I probably won't be sending many reminders this week as I am on vacation, so make your picks early and often. Good luck in week 5.


Wow, what a crazy week. We are starting to learn a lot about the teams now, so the picks should be getting easier, but our scores don't really reflect that.

Week 5 ended in a 7 way tie for first. Yes I said SEVEN. The winner by tiebreaker is Brenda (Jim) Mickelini, followed closely by Riley McNutt, Col. Crunch, Alex Polley, Dan Morency, Patty Russel and Rayna Mickelini. Another 6 people were just one game behind. Talk about a close week.

The season standings show Colton Mickelini staying in first with 46 points, followed by the Russell family, Col Crunch and Rachel Angel in second with 44 each, Patty Russel in third with 43, with John Mickelini lurking in 4th with 42 points. There is a long way to go and not even Peter B is mathematically eliminated yet.

So get your picks in early for week 6 and remember, don't pick the Patriots.
Sorry for the late update this week. Stuff happens,

Week 6 was super competitive again and came down the Monday night game, With the Cowboys, win, Brady D. takes the win with 12 correct picks, edging Colleen K. Seth E. and Grog, all with 11 right this week. Pete B gets a sniff at the top of the leaderboard as well as Julie M, Colton M, and Ras, all finishing in third with 10 correct picks.

The season stands show Colton M clinging to his 3 point lead with 56 points, followed by Col Crunch with 53. In third are Brady D and Patty R with 52 each.

Today is already Thursday, so consider this your first, second and third reminder this week. Get your picks in and have a great weekend.

Pro tip: Don't pick the Patriots.
Another crazy NFL weekend in the books. Still can't believe the Colts lost that way.

As for the pick'em, Dan Morency pulls out the win, edging Hometeam's only and BMooney54 by tiebreaker. All of them had 10 correct picks. 3 back with 7 was Rachel Angle, followed by Riley McNutt, Col Crunch, Patty Russell, Chad Massoth and Grog, all registering measly 6s. Other than the top 3, it was a low scoring, weak week for most of the pickers.

The season standings show a new leader, with Colonel Crunch ousting Colton M out of the top spot with 59 total points. Colton's 2 this week certainly played a big role in that. Colton joins Patty Russell and Rachel Angel in 2nd, all just 1 point back with 58 points. Brady D and Daniel are tied for 3rd, 3 points back.

There are still 10 weeks of football to go, so we aren't even half way yet. Plenty of time to right the ship and make a play for first place.

Time to get your week 8 picks in.

Have a great week and God Bless!

Week 8 is a done deal with someone named Grog edging the field with 11 correct picks. You'd think by now he'd stop picking the Patriots... Four hearty souls finished 1 point behind with 10 correct pick. They were Alex P, Jeff M, John M, and Riley M. Six people finished 2 games back with 9 correct. Nice picking.

The season standings are as tight as ever. Col Crunch leads the field by 1 point with 68 correct, followed by Colton M with 67, and then Patty & Grog with 66 each. There is still time for everyone to make a run for the top as we are only halfway through the season.

Week 9 looks to be the most challenging week yet, so you better log in today and make those picks. It's a tricky one.

Happy Halloween. Have a great week.

In sports, the notion of a perfect game is almost impossible to imagine. Everything needs to come together and usually a little luck is required. Well going into the Monday night game, Alex Polley had a chance to score the first ever perfect pick sheet in Grog's Pick'em. But alas, the Buffalo Bills came up wide right, failing to beat the Broncos for Alex's only miss. Nevertheless Alex blew away the field with 13 correct picks this week for an easy win. All alone in a distant 2nd place was Seth Edwards with a 10, followed by Colton Mickelini and Peter Broecker with 9 each.

The season standings show Patty Russell all alone in first place with 84 points, opening up a 3 game lead over Brady Dearing, Colonel Crunch and Colton Mickelini, all with 81 points. John Mickelini lurks just behind them with 80 points.

Get those picks in for the week 11 contest soon. Thursday is just a day away.

Note: Next week is Thanksgiving week. With everyone being elbow deep in turkey gizzards, it's typically a tough week to get people to make their picks on time. Plan ahead. There will be a least 3 games on Thursday next week, so getting those picks made on time is crucial.

Have a great week!

Sorry for the late and short update/reminder this week. It's been a crazy week,

Week 12 was super competitive. Winning by tiebreaker with 12 correct was Collen King, edging Seth Edwards and Jeff Freeman, Mike Mickelini, Megan Mickelini and Dave Goodrich finished 1 back with 11 correct each.

The season standings show a new leader this week, with Brady Dearing moving one point past Colonel Crunch and Patty Russel with 102 points. John Mickelini sits in 3rd with 99 points, with Colton Mickelini and Seth Edwards rounding out the top 5 with 97 points each.

There is a game tonight. Get your picks in today.

Happy cyber week or whatever it is.

Only a handful of weeks remain in the annual Grog's Pick'em Pool and the race is getting interesting.

Week 13 saw a return to form for Chad Massoth, a multiple year winner, coming thru with a win this week with 10 correct picks. Pete Broecker finished 1 behind with 9, followed by Chris Harima, Brady Dearing, and Riley McNutt with 8 each. Good picking on a very tough week.

The season standings show Brady stretching his lead with 110 points. Patty Russell sits 2 games behind with 108 points, followed by her hubby Col. Crunch, with 106 points. John Mickelini (105) and seth Edwards (104) round out the top 5 spots.

There is a game tonight, if you want to call it that, so get your picks in today. Good luck and have a great week.

Weak 14 Results

That's no typo, it was a very weak week for picking teams this week. The weakest being yours truly, picking only 3 games correctly. Yikes.

As for the winner, Underdogs Only would have won with 11 right, and Underdogs Only would have finished 2nd, but they can't win by rule. That leaves Alex Polley all alone in first with 9 right this week, followed closely by by a slew of people including John and Jeff Mickelini, Andy and Riley McNutt, and Colonel Crunch, all ewith 8 right.

After this crazy week, the season standings now show Brady Dearing and Colonel Crunch tied for the lead with 114 points each, John Mickelini and Mrs. Col. Crunch are 1 game bacvk with 113 each. With his win, Alex Polly joins Seth Edwards with a shot at the title, each with 111 points.

There are still 4 weeks left and a lot can happen. For example, the Patriots could beat the Steelers. Really! Get your picks in early, change them a few times, submit them, and then regret having changed them. That's my formula anyway..

Good luck and have a great week.

Many of you have not made any picks yet in Grog's Pick'em. There are games tonight, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. No bye weeks anymore so there are a lot of points to be had. Take a second and make those picks today!
Reminder: Only 4 shopping days left until Christmas. Time to start shopping and hitting up those great last minute deals, Speaking of last minute - it's also time to get your week 16 picks made. Some of you have been slackers lately.

Week 15 was super competitve and the pick quality went up a lot over the previous week. Pete Broeker edged Jeff Freeman by the tie breaker, both correctly picking 12 games this week. Nice job. Jim Mickelini was 2 games back with 10 correct, followed by a plethora of players tied at 9.

As a result of the week 15 picks, Brady Dearing holds on to first place with 123, followed by Patty Russel at 122 and then Col Crunch with 121. Several other folks remain in striking distance in one of our most competitive season in a while.

So get your your picks in and I wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

Well that season flew by. Hard to believe we are on the last week of the regular season. But there is still plenty of excitement left as the pick'em title is still very much up for grabs.

Week 17 was a barn burning, photo finish, cliffhanger with Andy McNutt squeaking out the victory in a 6 way tie for first with Ras, Seth Edwards, Rayna Mickelini, Mike Mickelini and Grog, al with 10 correct picks. 5 others were tied with 9 right, so 11 people were in contention going into the final game of the weekend. Crazy!

What did that do to the season standings. Well, going into the final weekend, Brady Dearing (140) holds a 2 game lead over Alex Polley (138). Sitting 3 games back are Patty Russell (137) and Seth Edwards (137). With teams resting players and others tanking, it makes picks even tougher this week, so the title is clearly up for grabs.

Good luck making those final week picks. Happy New Year. I'll post final results next week.

Final Update. 2023 Champion Crowned

What a season. So many ups and downs and now a lot of post season surprises.

The final week 18 results are in. Seth Edwards only missed 3 games in the final week, scoring 13 (of a possible 16) points to win by 1 over Colton Mickelini and Riley & Andy McNutt, all with 12.

The strong week 18 performance catapults Seth to the league champion, passing Brady Dearing and Alex Polley to win by 3. Season long leader Patty Russel dropped to 4th, 6 games back. Colton Mickelini finishes 5th 7 games back, followed by Andy McNutt, 8 games back, Riley McNutt, 9 games back. Rounding out the top 8 is Colonel Crunch, 10 games back after a late season slump.

Seth joins a long and prestigious list of league champions:

2023 - Seth Edwards
2022 - Chad Massoth
2021 - Dan Morency & Chad Massoth (Tie)
2020 - Colton Mickelini
2019 - Bmooney54
2018 - Chris Harrimon & Chad Massoth (Tie)
2017 - Colton Mickelini
2016 - Riley McNutt
2015 - Andy McNutt
2014 - Chad Massoth
2013 - Ras

So Congratulations Seth. Thanks again to everyone who played this year. Have a great offseason, enjoy the playoffs and the Patriots rebuild. See you again in Sept 2024 for season XII..

Yours truly,