Happy Paraskevidekatriaphobia or Friggatriskaidekaphobia Day


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Aug 14, 2004
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Windsor, CT
Either term used to describe fear of Friday the 13th.

Today we will talk about Paraskevidekatriaphobia, which is an extension of Triskaidekaphobia. It originates from Paraskevi, (Greek for Friday). Other names for this phobia include Friggatriskaidekaphobia which originates from Norse mythology where Frigg is the Norse Goddess for Friday.

The main reason behind the fear of Friday the 13th is due to the negative associations with Friday and the number 13 in many religions and cultures.

  • Friday the 13th is associated with the crucifixion of Lord Jesus. Hence, many devout Christians believe that this date is unlucky. The Great Flood also occurred on a Friday. The Bible also mentions that the Last Supper had 13 members (where the 13th member was the same one who ultimately betrayed Jesus).
  • In Israel, the number 12 is considered lucky owing to 12 tribes of Israel. Conversely, 13 is considered very ‘unlucky’.
  • In Roman culture, witches are believed to have gathered in groups of 12 where the 13th witch is the ‘Devil’ itself.
  • Superstition and fear associated with Friday the 13th specifically grew during the middle ages. This was the time when the Knights Templars were tortured by King Philip IV of France. (The day of torture happened to be Friday the 13th).
  • In British culture; Friday and 13 are associated with capital punishment. Friday was “the day of the hangman or the noose” as many public hangings took place on this day. (Also there were exactly 13 steps to the gallows.)
  • Many movies, especially in the horror genre, have depicted the day as the ‘day of evil’.
Friday, as well as the number 13, thus have many ancient, deep rooted ‘evil’ associations. Since two supposedly unlucky entities are coming together on this day, people who are prone to anxiety disorders develop deep dread or phobia about it. Additionally, a negative or traumatic event occurring on Friday the 13th, directly or indirectly, might also reinforce the sufferer’s beliefs.

Personally, I prefer Friggatriskaidekaphobia, it rolls off the tongue almost like a shorter version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Neither term should be confused with Triskaidekaphobia.