Home v Miami pregame

It's pouring here as I begin my trek to the sports bar on the corner. Being the late game, I'll probably be the only Pats fan there. Let's get this win!
I'm sorry to post this in the pre-game thread, but that was a tough loss by the Patriots. I just watched a replay of the final lateral in the game, and it looked like a tough call for the refs (from the replay I saw). I'm glad I'm a Patriots fan, and will definitely root for the Pats to win the next game, against the Jets, in NY. The Dolphins deserved to win that last game, but the Patriots had a fine play to try to keep it going, at the end. They might not be favored to win the next game, but I think they have a good chance of winning. It would make us all real happy! If they lose, watch out for more people to hope they fire Belichick (that would be awful, in my view), and change the qb. Anyway, what with losses by other important teams, the Patriots are still in the playoff hunt, in my view. I believe Belichick still has 'it', and the team needs some upgrades as far as players, or the current players will have to play better, which I believe is possible. I also think this next game is very important for the fans, the coaches, and the players, to help lead the team to a positive season, as opposed to one where many fans just give up.
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