I'm Not Irish, But, I Might Drink Like One...

lookin forward aftah movin on frum Paddy's to mah 1st taayst o' te Ol' Powers tadaay :)

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The favorite of my great Irish friend Patrick James Dailey. I am off today and Patrick and I are planning to get together to watch the MSU/USC game at noon at Art & Jakes. Scene of a few (potential) crimes for us over the years. Seemingly the old fuckers we are, we both have medical imaging appointments first this am. LOL.

Here is a tip for ya Irish wannabes: schedule your medical stuff in the am and take a sick day.🤣

Here is another: Don't drink the Powers no matter how many Patrick buys. He can out drink all of us.
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Though to be truthful, that was last weekend....the river is probably back to it's normal green'ish today.PXL_20230311_174808456.jpg

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You guys in the US probably don't know about the Cheltenham Festival that happens in the UK every year around St Patricks day. it's the biggest horse race festival over fences in the world and the pinnacle event is the Gold Cup. It's gets massive crowds including thousands of Irish fans/punters. An Irish horse just won it today, on St. Patricks Day. And I won a nice few notes on him.

Here he is coming up the hill to win it!

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A beautiful rendition of Danny Boy that might get a few tears going for some Irish people.

View: https://twitter.com/simonharristd/status/1636693146993139712?s=61&t=Tm2MiABv7Fgxtu6VyvKYKQ

On my first trip to Ireland we did one real tourist trap and that was the dinner and music show at Bunratty Castle.

After Dinner, which was the only awful food I have had in Ireland, the band came out and the very first thing they said was
that they definitely don't play Danny Boy so don't bother to ask. I wasn't sure if they were serious, but it seemed so. I thought,
wow, this is a trifecta, we're squeezed in like sardines, the food sucked and now the band is acting like divas.

Predictably, the tourists started begging as the night went along and the band eventually wears down, but they plead with
the crowd that they'll do it just this oncebut, for God's sake, do NOT sing along. Which was also ignored.

It was funny to see all the elderly tourists trying to hold back and then it was mass disobedience. I'm sure it happens at every show.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!